American Horror Story: Freak Show Characters Revealled [Spoilers]

American Horror Story

The characters for American Horror Story: Freak Show were finally revealled in full on Wednesday night. At least, these are the characters that people know about right now. If previous seasons of the show are anything to go by, there will be other characters introduced later on in the show. However, the main characters are mostly present and accounted for already.

There are some characters that were expected, and that is certainly the case with Sarah Paulson’s portrayal of the conjoined twins. However, the first episode showed the personalities of her two heads: Dot and Bette. Dot is the cynical, closed-off one, while Bette is the overly-trusting, seemingly naive twin. It is revealled from the start that Bette killed their mother, and it is something Dot will use against her when she gets the chance.

Then there is Elsa Mars, played by Jessica Lange. Like previous seasons of American Horror Story, she plays the main character, and is not necessarily one to like. It turns out that someone is pulling the strings in the carnival, and she has to go along with the puppeteers demands. At the same time, she just wants to be discovered as an artist, and hopes that the carnival of freaks will help with that.

The next of the main characters to be revealled on American Horror Story: Freak Show was another show regular, Evan Peters, who is playing Jimmy Darling. This was one character that was not completely clear in the trailers, but it turns out that he has large deformed hands. It is clear he hates the way others look at him and his fellow carnival performers, and is violent in his nature. The inspiration for his character seems to come from Grady Stiles Jr., who was also known as Lobster Boy.

Jimmy’s mother is none other than Kathy Bates, the bearded lady; Ethel. She is likely one of the most common aspects of freak shows, as the type of character is often used. However, the way she is used in American Horror Story is likely going to be very different, as is usually the case with the show characters.

Of course, there is also the creepiest clown since Stephen King’s IT. John Carrol Lynch will certainly give many nightmares, whether they are afraid of clowns or not. It is unclear just how much this clown is involved in the freak show and whether the puppeteer is pulling his strings to kill innocent people around the town of Jupiter. Many have said that the clown, called Twisty, is the scariest character ever.

There are still a few of the carnival characters to be introduced, and others characters need more time to get to know them. At the moment, the three-breasted lady, played by Angela Bassett, and the Maggie Esmeralda, the fake fortune teller played by Emma Roberts, are both still waiting for their debut on this season of the show. However, it seems like the main characters on American Horror Story: Freak Show have been revealled now, and it has set up for an interesting and creepy season.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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