‘American Horror Story: Freakshow’ Evil-Ution of a Serial Killer Clown

American Horror Story

American Horror Story: Freakshow has been pretty great so far this season and it has many lessons to teach, as well, including what it takes to bring about the evil-ution of a serial killer clown. Of course, the serial killer clown that is being alluded to is not Twisty, as his backstory has not yet been revealed; rather, it is a clown and killer-in-training, Twisty wanna-be Dandy Mott, played with creepy gusto by Finn Wittrock.

Dandy Mott is not one of the main characters on American Horror Story: Freakshow this season, but he steals whatever scene he is in as viewers watch him turn from displaying certain traits of many serial killers to becoming a full-fledged one, under the watchful eyes of Twisty. It is scarily similar, probably, to the idolization that real copy cat serial killers have for the cold-blooded murderers that they seek to model themselves after.

Dandy Mott is a white male adult, still living at his mother’s house and living of of her apparent substantial wealth. He is s spoiled rich kid who never quite grew up, though he is an adult. Also, he has anger issues, throwing temper tantrums still, like he probably did as a young boy, whenever he does not get his way.

His mother, on American Horror Story: Freakshow, Gloria Mott, played by Frances Conroy, is either clueless as to the monster she has raised or knows and is actively encouraging his outrageous behavior. When they both check out the freakshow that Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) operates in the premiere episode, they have the intention of wanting to buy conjoined twins Bette and Dot for $15,000, but Elsa turns them down.

In the second episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow, “Massacres and Matinees,” viewers get more clues as to how screwed up Dandy Mott is when he goes back to the freakshow and talks with Jimmy Darling about joining it. He claims that he is a “freak,” also, and he tells Jimmy that he could sing if he was hired. Jimmy tells him no, though, and Dandy gets an enraged look on his face. It appears that he cannot fit in anywhere, not even in a freakshow.

Gloria Mott happens to see Twisty the Clown strolling down the road as she is driving and she gets the clever (or perhaps clueless) idea of picking Twisty up and bringing him back to her house to be a “friend” of Dandy’s, and to help cheer him up.

Dandy is definitely intrigued by the silent and evil-looking clown, Twisty, who does not seem to be in the mood to entertain anyone. As he is the main killer on American Horror Story: Freakshow this year, he seems more inclined to get all stabby with someone rather than make them laugh. When Dandy attempts to peek inside of Twisty’s clown bag, the clown does not seem to like it and leaves the Mott house.

Dandy Mott follows Twisty and he is led to the evil clown’s lair, a trailer.Two people who Twisty has kidnapped and is tormenting are attempting to escape, but find that Dandy is not their savior, but is rather in league with Twisty. Dandy helps recapture the escapees and he finds that, at last, somebody seems to be accepting him for the sick freak that he is, inside. In Twisty, Dandy has found a kindred spirit and a mentor.

Then, in the third episode of American Horror Story: Freakshow, “Edward Mordrake, Part 1,” Dandy Mott continues his “evil-ution” into becoming a serial killer, like Twisty. Twisty roams about the city of Jupiter, Florida, lurking behind shrubbery and trees, much like how Michael Myers does in the movie, Halloween.

Dandy’s mother has bought her son a costume she thinks he will love, a Howdy Dowdy one. Of course, he hates it, so she goes to buy him a different one. The maid, Dora, played by Patti LaBelle, is dressed in a Woody Woodpecker ensemble for Halloween.

Dandy Mott had really been hoping his mother would have bought him a clown costume. While she is gone, he cuts up the Howdy Dowdy one and transforms it into a clown costume. As Dandy goes downstairs and grabs a knife to try to kill Dora, viewers of American Horror Story see everything through the eye-holes of Dandy’s clown mask, just like in the movie Halloween, when Michael Myers is a boy.

When Dandy goes into the kitchen to either scare or kill Dora, she does not act like she is intimidated by him. She tells him about knowing that he has killed dogs in the neighborhood — yet another trait of many people who grow up to become serial killers. She also tells him to go ahead and kill her, but Dandy does not go through with it, perhaps feeling like the tables have been turned on him, somewhat.

Instead, Dandy heads to where he believes there is more helpless prey he can mess with — the two captives that Twisty has in his trailer. He pokes at them and pulls out a knife, but then, Twisty shows up with his latest captive — the older brother of the little girl seen earlier in the episode of American Horror Story.

What will happen next on American Horror Story: Freakshow in the evil-ution of a serial killer? What is it about people like Dandy Mott, that they gravitate towards a violent lifestyle, often becoming serial killers? Be sure to tune in next Wednesday to watch the second part of this two-part episode and leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb


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