‘Big Eyes’ Poster Showcases Signature Tim Burton Twist On Reality

big eyes

The official marketing poster for legendary film artist Tim Burton’s latest effort, Big Eyes, has been released and showcases the director’s signature twist on reality. Although Burton’s previous projects have entailed a vast amount of other-worldly displays, this latest film is anticipated to serve as one of the director’s more grounded films.

With films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and Dark Shadows, Burton has established himself as a dark fantasy-themed creator. The director has never disappointed dedicated followers by dropping his signature flair of creepiness and and alternate outlook on a story that other filmmakers will rarely see.

big eyes
Official Movie Poster of Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’.

Burton has also been known to have a great deal of heart implanted within his material, however dark it may be. 2003’s Big Fish starring Ewan McGregor is an example of one of the director’s more emotionally-charged films that can even be considered as a tear-jerker. The movie, based on the novel of the same name by Daniel Wallace, follows the story of a young man who ventures from becoming a big fish in a small pond to attempting to take hold of a much larger one. Grounded in a more realistic sense, Big Fish is a very vulnerable display of Burton as an assisted storyteller with minimal smoke and mirrors.

Big Eyes is anticipated to reflect an art direction that is very similar to Big Fish. Judging from the footage in the film’s first trailer, which was released on Sept. 19, Big Eyes may feature an even more realistic approach to filmmaking. Since the movie is a biopic, based on the life and times of renown painter Margaret Keane, Burton will have restrictions on how far he can stretch the truth. If stretched too far, the director will potentially lose viewers for the film, those viewers being followers of the painter, Keane.

The official poster features one of the actual paintings created by Keane. The artist was known for creating humans with a slightly cartoonish form. The images have an other-worldly quality to them, but perhaps one of the most distinct figures is that of every painting featuring a pair of over-sized, doe-like eyes, hence the film’s title Big Eyes. Keane uses a color palette of various sorts, but always has a hint of subdued calmness with a touch of darkness in her artwork. With these inclusions, the paintings fit into the Burton world perfectly.

Rumors that Big Eyes will be a featured contender for the 2015 Oscars have been running amuck since the original trailer was released. The film stars very well-rounded actors including Amy Adams as the painter, Keane, and Christoph Waltz as her conniving husband. The actors display a great amount of technical and emotional talent in the short trailer that is definitely award-worthy. Burton’s new style of direction very well may earn him a nod for a golden trophy as well. Alas, the ultimate decision lies in the hands of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

With the release of the Big Eyes poster showcasing the signature Tim Burton twist on reality, audiences’ anticipation for the film is only continuing to grow. Big Eyes will release in theaters nationwide on Dec. 25, 2014.

By Cody Collier

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