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Breaking Bad Action Figure Ban: Florida Mom Work for Mezco?



Uptight Florida mother Susan Schrivjer, who told the world on The Today Show that she was “shocked and appalled” that Breaking Bad action figures were on sale in Toys R Us outlets called for signatures to ban these heinous creations from being sold to children, 8000 plus signatures later and one cannot find any of these despicable things even on the store’s website; but stop for just one moment and ask this question, does this “Florida mom” work for Mezco? Is this her Heisenberg mechanization to become an action figure Queenpin in the world of cheaply manufactured toys used to cash in on a show’s success?

Is Susan Schrivjer now “the one who knocks…” with over priced plastic replicas of the Walter White character now that the whole issue of (gasp) guns and drugs on a figure who died alone at the end of series has been pulled off shelves and is now trending on the Internet?

Apparently this Floridian never watched the show or understood the message that Vince Gilligan had his fictional chemistry teacher pass on through the tale of a Wilbur Milquetoast type character who turns into a New Mexico meth Kingpin. Like many who have issues with things that they do not understand, the mother looked at the action figure and felt it was bad.

Hence the public squeal of outrage and the petition. Her reactions to the horrific existence of a doll fashioned to look like Bryan Cranston, an actor not a Kingpin, is, however, perfectly excusable. Her concern as the parent of young children or a child is also not out of line. Never mind that the easiest, and lets face it, least controversial, way to handle her displeasure would be to shop for her toys elsewhere and pass the word on to all her 8,000 plus friends who signed her partition.

Susan, however, did not want to take the path of least resistance. In order to have the Breaking Bad action figure banned, the Florida mom appeared on television and publicized her stand. So the question remains, does she work for Mezco or own Mezco stock? This query is not a facetious one. If one heads over to the website and types in Heisenberg action figure in the search box, nothing will be found. Fair enough, her strategy worked and Toys R Us are no longer offering the offensive “toys.”

Other toy outlets, however, are. Right along with other retail outlets like Amazon, et al. Take a moment to look at the prices of these heinous objects. Originally these figures could be purchased for around $16. Now the prices have shot up with the speed of a nuclear fueled rocket. At last glance, the average price for a Heisenberg Breaking Bad action figure was in the area of $100 plus.

As actor Bryan Cranston tweeted in his final Twitter post about the matter, “Nicely played.” While the whole thing is mildly amusing in a “lets see how much attention I can get in the least amount of time possible,” way it is also akin to a tempest in a meth bag type affair. According to one consumer who purchased one of the dastardly figures, it could not even stand “unaided” and it needed to be placed against something else or Heisenberg fell over.

The same chap pointed out that the paint job was “sloppy” and that the lack of detail was the most criminal thing about the figure. Not to state the obvious, but the critic may want to keep a low profile as he himself may wind up in Belize…

The bottom line is this, a Florida mom decided to take it upon herself to go on national TV and get a Breaking Bad action figure put on a ban with Toys R Us and unless she is working for Mezco, her actions make no real sense. Not only are the figures still on the market, fans of the show who want to buy one will now pay through the nose for the privilege. So why did she do it? If one takes into consideration the late Andy Warhol’s prediction that in the future (aka now) everyone will have their 15 minutes of being famous it all comes together, almost like a Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad plot device. In that instance, well played indeed S.S. if you really do not work for the Mezco action figure company.

Opinion by Michael Smith