Breaking Bad: Travel Blogger Made Parody Video ‘Breaking Balsamic’

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Turner Barr is an American travel blogger, recently in Modena, Italy, who made a parody of the Breaking Bad television series, dubbed “Breaking Balsamic.” His job, learning the intricacies of creating traditional balsamic vinegar, was the latest in a string of unusual and interesting jobs across the world and inspired him to make the funny video.

It took just one day of gainful employment at Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca, a business owned and run by the Biancardi family in Emilia-Romagna, Italy, to come up with the idea to make the parody. He saw direct comparisons between the popular U.S. television series, Breaking Bad, where Walter White and his protégé, Jesse Pinkman, cooked up the best quality crystal meth, and the fact that the Italian business was coming up with the very best quality, traditional balsamic vinegar.

Breaking Bad
The vineyard at Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca in Modena, Italy.

On his blog, Barr wrote that the Biancardi family’s devotion to the purity of their product was a stark contrast with the “over the counter street shit” available in stores, and he couldn’t help but think of his favorite television show, Breaking Bad. The fact that the Don of the Biancardi family, Claudio, was previously a high school chemistry teacher didn’t hurt with the whole idea either (although admittedly, the resemblance did stop there).

Breaking Bad
The villa and vineyards at Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca in Italy.

Using his knowledge of the TV series Breaking Bad, the travel blogger then made his parody video, “Breaking Balsamic,” with the help of  a videographer based in Italy, Emiliano Bechi Gabrielli who was involved in the filming and production of the video.

He then got a German film making friend, Moritz Vogel, who apparently also had experience watching Breaking Bad, involved in the editing side of things, adding the final touches to the very funny parody, which can be enjoyed below:

Other odd and original offers of employment Barr has received on his six years of travels worldwide have included selling tours in Rome. He also volunteered to help sick elephants in a nature park close to Chiang Mai in Thailand, although that job was maybe not quite so scientific, as it mainly consisted of cleaning up the elephants’ poo.

While in Bangkok, he tried his hand at hawking goods on the street without much success. However, despite what he called his amazing ability to drop things, a total lack of reality TV production knowledge (or any experience at all in the field,) as well as his amazing ability to accidentally walk into a scene, he ended up being employed as a Production Assistant. Barr worked for a reality television show set in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, driving around in tuk-tuks and operating a whole series of GoPro video cameras.

He also volunteered for a very worthwhile cause in the Phillippines close to Christmas, raising funds for a charity operation dubbed “Operation Save Santa.” This was after another not quite successful career in Boracay, working as a Pub Crawl Photographer, snapping all those extremely drunk people found in the local bars.

All in all it looks like the job with Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca was probably the most fun and worthwhile employment of the lot. When he made the parody video “Breaking Balsamic,” inspired by his favorite TV show, Breaking Bad, this travel blogger probably found his true talent.  Anyone wanting to watch Barr actually doing some work in the vineyard can enjoy this second video, below:

By Anne Sewell


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Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar Making in Modena Italy: the Balsamic Cook


Courtesy Antica Acetaia Villa Bianca