Bristol Sets Media Straight Over ‘Palin Brawl’

PalinBristol Palin is tired of the media and now she is going to set them straight. In a recent blog post she tells exactly what happened during the “Palin Brawl,” which the media has deemed as the fight that happened while the family was altogether in Alaska. The media, who called it a hillbilly, drunken style brawl, has apparently not been giving accurate coverage, the way Bristol sees it, as she states that this is just normal for the media, when it comes to her family. She briefly writes of their track record of bad media coverage and then she writes to tell them “what actually happened.”

The first item on her list is coverage where the media stated that the young boy, Trig, was not actually Sarah Palin’s son but rather her grandson. This rumor started in 2011, as posted by the Business Insider. Though in 2007 the media claimed that Bristol’s parents were getting divorced, which supposedly came from an email that Sarah Palin sent, though she claims the statement was not a serious one. In 2008 Tina Fey had impersonated Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live where she stated the, now famous, quote “I can see Russia from my house,” a remark that Bristol says is a phrase that the media then pinned on her mom for humility, as she had stated in an interview that Russia was our neighbors and that there were parts of Alaska where you could see land in Russia. Though Bristol, seems to have been more humiliated than her mom, the media’s claims that the family started a drunken brawl is the final straw for the young daughter of former Alaskan governor, Palin.

The story goes that there was a house party that the Palin family showed up to, before starting fights with many of the people who were at the party. Media coverage of the event says that Track saw an ex-boyfriend of Willow’s and stepped in to ‘defend her honor’. They said that Track was yelling at the ex when the owner of the house stepped up. Coverage states that the whole Palin clan got involved after that stating that Palin women were yelling and Palin men were “thumping their chests.” The media stated that Bristol used her “right hook” while her mom was screaming and threatening the party goers. Then witnesses stated that Track was standing in the street, shirtless while flipping people off as they left the party. Apparently the “hillbilly”title that was put on the coverage of the incident came after witnesses claimed that one person at the party specifically told the Palin’s that they shouldn’t be there because it “isn’t some Hillbilly reality show!”

But the media claims that the reason for such an eccentric review of the party come from the high profile that the Palin’s carry, stating that they are free to do whatever they want but they should know the consequences of their actions, as a family with media coverage. So with all of the hype over the incident Bristol has decided to defend her family against what she is calling the media “bias against conservative women.”

Bristol states in her post that a man knocked out a family friend in an unfair hit and then bragged about it on Facebook. She said they tried to defend the man, as Bristol stated that she told the man’s mother to control him. She said that Willow was pushed to the ground. She said that she tried to intervene when the man got in her face, calling her many ugly things, so she began swinging and punching. She said that what she did was in defense, not just to start a fight. She defended her family by saying that they returned to life as usual, celebrating their dad’s birthday the next day.

She says that she feels it is major bias that this story is still getting rumors almost two months later. She goes on to talk about kids of other political figures, who did bad things and no one seemed to care much. She said that she is a normal person who works a middle-class job like most people. But overall her message was that family is the most important thing and the it is stupid how people who were not even at the party are eye witnesses, and how the media takes bias against conservatives as compared to liberals.

By Crystal Boulware

USA Today

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