Casey Wilson Admits to Sleeping With Her Boss


Actress Casey Wilson, whose most recent role is playing Noelle Hawthorne in Gone Girl, has recently admitted that she did, in fact, sleep with her boss. Though she went on to marry her boss, David Caspe, she admits that starting their relationship was not easy. At the time he was in charge of the show Happy Endings, in which she played the character Penny Hartz, and because of their working relationship David was less than willing to start a relationship with her.

In her most recent personal confession she wrote an essay for the magazine Cosmopolitan, where she states that she really wanted to date David Caspe. She said he was cute, funny, and kind and that she had always been attracted to men with power, but that she did not want to be judged for dating her boss, which was a horrible idea in the first place. He was also very resistant to the idea of sleeping with an actress that he worked with. Wilson shed more personal details on the two’s beginning as she writes of one drunken night where he turned to her and said that if they weren’t working together they could “French kiss.” She wrote of how she leaned in closer to him because she thought that he was kidding, though she found out that he was more than serious. So Caspe would not date her while they were working together. It took over a year but Wilson continued to pursue Caspe in hopes that one day things would work out.

In the essay she wrote that the hardest part was waiting for him to be ready but one day he told her he was ready to “give it a try.” A year and a half later the two got engaged and soon after, on May 25, 2014, they were married. Wilson gives advice in the end of her essay, stating that sleeping with your boss is never a good idea but that “if you think you have a chance at real love” that you should take the chance. She wrote that if it had not worked out it probably would have been Caspe that got fired because she was the one on camera.

After the two wed, Hollywood found it a coincidence that Caspe wrote Marry Me, a television series in which Wilson also played and will continue to play Annie. From the time that they met, the two continued to work together and now they are a classic Hollywood couple. Casey states that she is proud of her accomplishment, after sleeping with her boss, because it did, in fact, turn out to be a happy ending for her, which is also probably the only reason that she admitted to it.

The actress has also starred in many other television series and Caspe, her husband, continues to write television series. It seems like a match made in heaven. One of her most known roles was in Bride Wars, and she has played in several movies in the past, though many of them were small roles. Now with her new marital bliss it is likely that viewers will see  a lot more of Caspe and Wilson working together, in the future.

By Crystal Boulware


USA Today

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