Castle: Montreal (Recap and Review)

Castle: Montreal (Recap and Review)

In Castle: Montreal, by the time the end credits roll, the wedding is off, for now. Fans who cannot wait to see television’s greatest couple tie the knot should not get too upset, the two still plan to walk down the aisle but not right now. Maybe season eight?

At the start of the episode, a body is found in the river and Rick appears on a talk show where the host implies that the whole missing thing is farfetched. The author offers a $250,000 reward for information that will help him learn what happened to his lost time. Kate warns Castle that every crackpot in town will call with “information.”

The body that was found is that of Wally Wallinger who went missing according to his wife, the deceased has a broken neck and strange stains on his hands and face. According to Mrs. Wallinger, her husband started acting strangely after his dog Amy died. Just as Rick and Kate get ready to leave the precinct, Captain Gates comes to chew out Castle for leaving the station number as his informant line. He kisses the captain and for once she is speechless.

Rick and Kate got to Wallinger’s company and spotting toys, Castle begins to play. The information that Kate gets conflicts with what Mrs. Wallinger revealed, Wally was leaving early instead of late as the widow thought. Lacey calls to say the stains on the dead man’s skin was caused by industrial strength cleaner. On Castle: Montreal it turns out that the informants who call Rick’s number are, just as Kate warned, crackpots. Although not all. As Alexis says, a lot are lonely women who just want to talk to the famous writer.

Castle gets a call from a man who claims to know the truth and Rick goes to meet him. Once there, it turns out that the mystery man has much in common with many of the callers to the reward number, he believes that Castle and he were kidnapped and held on the dark side of the moon. Cue, swift exit by Rick who tells Kate to leave quickly and he does not want to talk about it.

A couple come into the precinct to show that their honeymoon pictures picked up a shot of Rick in Montreal, outside a bank. Before that event, Ryan and Esposito find a secret phone in Wally’s desk and evidence that he was calling a woman named Mendoza. After Beckett and Rick enter her apartment they find the woman lying in bed with her throat slit, they think. Mendoza wakes up and they find out that she is a makeup artist who taught Wally how to apply theatrical makeup.

It turns out that the woman helped the dead man to turn himself into an old man. Later Kate and the detectives learn that Wally was investigating his own warehouse undercover trying to find something. Rick goes to Montreal with Alexis to the bank with the key that was sewn in his trousers. The key fits a safety deposit box with three letters in his handwriting addressed to Kate, Alexis and Martha.

Wally Wallinger was looking for drugs being smuggled in his warehouse and died when he found them. Rick, after playing the SD cards left in the envelopes, learns that whatever happened in Montreal, he asked to not remember. He and Kate decide to postpone the wedding until things get back on solid ground. In Castle: Montreal some of the cracks in Rick and Beckett’s relationship have healed and others are still present. It does look as though the two will be able to work as a couple to sort things out. Apparently whatever it was that Castle did not want to remember is still hanging over their heads and while they still love each other, this shadow will not disappear easily.

By Michael Smith



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