Charlie Sheen Splits From Adult Star Fiancee Weeks Before Wedding

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has split up from his adult star fiancée just weeks before their wedding. The date was set for November, but the two reportedly mutually decided that they should not go through with it.

Many were shocked in February to hear that the two were getting married. It was while they were vacationing in Hawaii for Valentine’s Day, and it was a shock to adult star Brett Rossi. She took to Twitter to confirm the engagement, and say just how shocked she was. The two had only been dating since November 2013.

It was not the first time the two were speculated to be getting married. Just weeks beforehand, Sheen had used a fake Twitter proposal notice to get back at his ex-wife Denise Richards. She did not see the funny side of things, and the Anger Management actor soon came clear that it was all a joke. Rossi did go along with the joke for a short time.

The two set a date in November, around the same time that they got together last year. However, they have reportedly called it off after a mutual agreement that now was not the right time for the two to get married. The 49-year-old actor admitted that he needs to focus on his children more than a relationship right now. Sheen and his adult star fiancée Rossi have split up just weeks before their wedding, but it is possibly the best thing. At least it is not another divorce for him to add to the bedpost.

The Two and a Half Men actor has five children from his three previous marriages. He has decided that he wants to spend more time with them, and needs to focus on being a father rather than a husband.

His previous wives are Donna Peele—the marriage was annulled—Richards, and Brooke Mueller. There are odd feuds between the various ex-wives, especially between Richards and Mueller. Richards was left caring for Mueller’s children while the latter was receiving mental health treatment.

Like everything else, Sheen used Twitter as a way to announce the split. He worded it in a way that shows neither blame each other for the breakup, but he has not given a real reason except that his children deserve more attention right now. It appears he and Rossi are still friends, and there are no hard feelings.

It may be bad news for Rossi, who had decided to change her name back in May. She wanted to get away from her adult star past, and changing her name was the best way to do that. People were to call her Scottine Sheen, indicating that she was ready to be the wife of the Two and a Half Men star. The former porn star admitted that she never wanted to go back to Rossi, since he was happily divorced and was ready to move on. She indicated at the time that people were already calling her by her future husband’s surname.

She has not said anything on Twitter yet. All that has happened so far is Sheen announcing that he and his adult star fiancée have split up just weeks before their wedding.

By Alexandria Ingham


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