Clowns Stalking California Towns at Night


The town of Wasco, California has a clown problem and it seems it is spreading, as the creepy, made up, unknown persons are walking around at night in two separate towns. Residents have been capturing photos of this strange phenomenon and although they are not your average birthday party clowns, as they are more like Stephen Kings Pennywise, residents started out as amused.

As seen in the pictures here, they seem to be harmless and carry around balloons posing in different parts of the town, however, not everyone is amused by this. Many residents have taken to Twitter to voice their objections to this nightly take over by these clowns. A number of tweets even threaten violence if they happen onto one of these night stalkers, taunting the unknown subjects to find them and posting photo’s of clowns getting beat up. People have been voicing concern over both the clowns and the people who are ready to jump to the conclusion that violence is the way to deal with this.

ClownsOctober 7, 2014 was the first appearance of the Wasco clown, and that appearance was on Twitter, where the messages and taunts of creeping around at night began. Definitely creepy, however, it turns out, it is the brainchild of a husband and wife photography team and starting up this spooky project in October certainly made a huge impression on the residents and the intrigue has trickled over onto the internet.

With expressionism comes copycats, but now these are not the solo roaming clowns with nothing more menacing than balloons. These are straight up stalkers with more than just the intent to get some original and creative photographs. Bakersfield, California has recently seen a rash of clowns at night sporting baseball bats and machete’s. So far they have not attacked anyone, but imagine the good people of Bakersfield coming out of a store or restaurant at night and seeing a menacing Bozo. It turns out that some teenage boys have taken to copying the Wasco clowns and have been taking it to a level that was never intended by the original creator of the night walkers.

ClownsOne 14-year-old boy has been arrested and sent to juvenile hall for chasing down another boy while in his clown outfit. Police in Bakersfield state that the child was visibly shaken, and they vow to stop the nonsense before someone really gets hurt. As far as the Wasco clown goes, the Twitter taunts continue with posts such as “what a lovely night…….HAHAHA :)” and “STALKING PPL IS PRETTY AWESOME :-)).”  Responses are as expected, what with the copycats causing such havoc in their neighboring town. People just want this to stop, and no longer find it amusing.

What started out as a secretive mission by two photographers has become something that has residents and police, alike, up in arms. It began as an oddity and just a bit creepy, to something that could potentially get out of control as people are willing to use force to stop these clowns from walking around their town at night.

by Kristi Cereska

Metro Times
Latin Times

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