Dallas Cowboys’ Randle Charged in Shoplifting; No Suspension by Team

Dallas Cowboys

In another black mark for an NFL trying desperately to reform their image, Joseph Randle, running back for the Dallas Cowboys, has been arrested by Frisco police. Randle, 22, was taken into custody on Monday night after shoplifting underwear and cologne from a Frisco Dillard’s store in the Stone Briar Mall. Reports surfaced today that the team will not suspend Randle, despite a no-tolerance policy for criminal arrests.

Spokesman Chad Laprelle of the Frisco police department confirmed today that the Dallas Cowboys back has been charged with misdemeanor theft of items valued from $50 to $500, including a tester of Gucci cologne worth $84 and Polo-brand underwear worth $39.40. Randle was arrested after an employee monitoring a surveillance camera watched him buy an item at the perfume counter and later slip the underwear inside of the bag.

A security officer from Dillard’s detained Randle in the parking lot and they waited inside of the store for police. Officers arrested Randle after discovering the stolen items. They took him to the city jail in Frisco, where he posted bond and was released.

According to the report of Randle’s arrest, the Dallas Cowboys player volunteered that had he known he was going to be arrested, he “should have kept walking to his car.” He also mentioned that upon seeing the loss prevention officer outside of the store, he thought to himself, “Alright, y’all got me.” When an officer asked Randle why he had stolen the items, he said that he “did not want to take the time to do it.”

Just one day prior to his arrest, Randle was on the field with the Cowboys as they defeated the Seattle Seahawks 30-23. During the game, the running back rushed five times, gaining 52 yards. Of those 52 yards, 38 came from a single run early in the game, which is a good break against the Seahawks, whose defense against the run is ranked the highest in the NFL. In addition, Randle made an important special teams tackle.

Randle was signed by the Dallas Cowboys during the fifth round of the 2013 draft. He spent his college career at Oklahoma State. His rookie contract with the NFL was for $2.3 million with a signing bonus of $188,820.00 on top of that. He is due to make $495,000 this year after signing a four-year contract in May 2013 for approximately $2.3 million.

As is the trend among teams in the wake of the NFL’s crackdown on its players, managers and coaches, Dallas recently implemented a zero tolerance policy for criminal arrests and charges. Randle is the first Dallas Cowboys player arrested this season.¬†ESPN in Dallas is reporting that Randle will not be suspended for his arrest, but will instead be fined. The NFL may also step in to declare its own punishment for the running back.

There has been no comment from the Dallas Cowboys, Randle or the running back’s agents, although Randle’s father spoke out Tuesday regarding his son’s arrest. Randle’s father, declining to provide his first name while speaking to News8, declared that his son “is not a thief.” He explained that his son’s baby was acting up and Randle wanted to remove the baby from the store and leave it with his mother, who was also on the shopping trip, then go back inside and pay for the items. Randle’s father describes his son as a “Christian boy.” The police report makes no mention of a child accompanying Randle.

By Jennifer Pfalz

CBS Sports

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