‘Dark Souls 2’ Additional Content Possibly on the Way

Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 has tens, and possibly hundreds, of hours worth of content that comes with the disk and another chunk of potential time that comes with each of the Crown Trilogy‘s downloadable content. Players that managed to best the final boss in each piece of this trilogy were given access to not only various abilities inside each crown, but also a separate prize that changes the entire game for some. However, some fans across the internet have attached to some carefully worded sentences, as well as a suspicious file appearance, as fuel for future downloadable content possibilities. There will be light spoilers in regards to all of the content, so be warned.

After besting the final boss in the Crown of the Ivory King and coming into possession of that final crown of Dark Souls 2, players with the Ashen Mist Heart and access to his chamber can go speak to King Vendrick through his armor. While inside that memory, the King will enchant each of the crowns, after some fairly interesting dialogue, and turn his own crown into the True Crown of the King. The enchantment, called Vendrick’s Blessing, will have different effects on the crowns, but the commonality between them all is that the Undead wearing them will no longer turn hollow after a death.

The announcement that many fans are pointing to as suspicious evidence for more Dark Souls 2 content comes in the way of an update notification screen that detailed the Ivory King Crown delay. Among this letter to the fans was the statement that this Ivory king content would signal “the conclusion of the Crown Trilogy,” and says nothing of the end of Dark Souls 2 content on the whole. Furthermore, some fans keeping an eye on the Steam files for the game spotted a “testdlc4” packet of information in the game’s database. This file follows the “testdlc3” one that signaled the coming of the Ivory King content and could mean a sudden update is on the way. While a small sighting, it is not impossible to consider that From Software may be springing a content pack onto the public soon without a formal announcement.

From a lore perspective, there are several loose ends that the Crown content answers in as clear a way as Dark Souls 2 is going to offer, but some holes remain; to be possibly answered by another content pack. The aforementioned crown effect, which protects against hollowing, pushes back the curse that plagues everyone else across Drangleic; the player’s Undead – while wearing a blessed crown – is immune to the curse itself. However, there does not seem to be any point, from a game-play perspective, to have this boon – besides giving those adventurers another way to avoid hollowing, of which there are already quite a few.

While that blessing closes the narrative loop that curses the land for that particular character, the crowns were not the only objects being collected throughout the downloadable content. Elana, Alsanna, Nashandra and Nadalia are shards of Manus, the primordial carrier of the dark soul itself and their souls, along with the dark soul fragments of Velstadt, the Throne Watcher and Defender and Fume Knight, are all collected throughout each bit of content, but never given any purpose apart from item construction. Dark Souls 2 still seems ripe for one last trip into the land, and perhaps could give those that now carry this blessing a one-on-one fight with Manus itself with all these dark souls in tow.

By Myles Gann


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