‘Destiny’ Halloween Surprise Hidden Within Update


Destiny has another of its weekly updates to install today, but this one seems to have a little spooky Halloween surprise hidden within for those ready to celebrate the holiday. This is certainly not the only game to celebrate Halloween in a subtle way with some titles releasing entire content packs centered around the various yearly traditions that surround this season. The update from Bungie also offers further changes to their infamous Vault of Glass raid that many feel has some holes worth plugging, and Bungie hopes that mission is now a balanced adventure for all who enter.

The hidden Halloween addition to Destiny can be called subtle compared to the rest of the game’s rolling updates and announcements. In fact, Bungie said nothing of the addition within their patch notes or any previous reports on their official site. Still, this timely easter egg was not exactly hidden and was discovered within moments of the patch going live.

Destiny players will each have access to three “Jackolyte” items that are one-use each when visiting the postmaster. There, an “All Hallow’s Eve” box that contains the items will be available, and each will throw a glowing, carved pumpkin on top of the Guardian’s head for half-an-hour. As with many pieces found in the Tower, this is simply a cosmetic change that is limited to the three uses and will disappear after the items are consumed. The postmaster is located on after walking up the stairs from the Tower’s starting area and taking a slight left, and this add-on is available to anyone that has installed the patch.

While Destiny has dealt out this Halloween treat, many other titles before the science-fiction shooter have brought holiday tradition to their worlds. This year alone has titles such as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2 and Guild Wars 2 are changing pieces of villages, gameplay and item structure just to accommodate the creepy holiday’s celebration with some doing this for years now. Massively-multiplayer online games tend to have a malleable infrastructure, allowing for these timely updates, but even a game such as Borderlands 2 has released content full of candy, costumes, and jack-o-lantern shooting with T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest.

The publicly advertised content of this Destiny update, surrounding the Halloween surprise like a Trojan horse, focused on Atheon of the Vault of Glass. Bungie had recently announced that this built-up boss would have some implemented changes that took away what they considered a “cheap” death wherein the boss could simply be pushed off the side of the map. The boss also had its “timestream” ability reworked to choose random targets instead of the three furthest from its position. Server and general fixes also found their way to this update, increasing server stability and working to make “Destiny a more stable experience for all players.” Bungie states at the end of the report that incoming updates will focus on the rebalance of Exotic Weapons, speaking to their over-nerfing of the Mythoclast, new voice command options for matched teams and being able to carry more bounties at once. Destiny, after some further retooling, will also be hosting another Iron Banner event with no dates being offered as of yet.

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