Diablo III Patch Brings on Greed [Video]

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Diablo III has been patched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, allowing some players to face-off against a greedy opponent in a new area. The original third entry has long since disappeared for many gamers, making way for the Ultimate Evil Edition that took all of the fixes from the PC interface and introduced an almost brand new game on current generation consoles. Last generation consoles, though still able to buy the game, will not be patched and support from Blizzard is an unknown as of now.

The Ultimate Evil Edition of Diablo III has received a patch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that PC users have had for a little while now. As revealed by an employee of Blizzard in their forums, this is the order that players should expect moving forward with PC being their first priority. Last generation owners have yet to have the patch and are not expected to anytime soon, as a post from months ago stated Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions would not receive anything but bug fixes. The 2.1 Patch should be live on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as of now.

What Diablo III users can expect in this patch is a fight with Baronness Greed herself inside her lair. While wandering across the lands in the game, players have stumbled upon treasure goblins that would flee with a bag full of booty until killed. Now, when those creatures are slayed, a rift will open to The Vault area where a huge storage of loot will be guarded by the Baronness. More area additions are a part of the patch in the form of a new rift zone called The Cesspool: a sewer based area for enemies to spawn and loot to drop.

Diablo III is well associated with the rifts that come at the end of Adventure Mode bounty chains, and those will be granted a difficulty spike for players that so choose. A timer will be placed on these Greater Rifts, forcing players to move quickly through hoards before being given the option to move on to a more difficult rift, risking their rewards should the player make the time limit. Legendary gemstones, which can add effects to rings and amulets, are also added to consoles and can be upgraded in these new rifts. A new consumable item called Ramaldini’s Gift, which bestows gem slots to armor and weapons, has also been inserted as a Legendary item drop.

Diablo III has had many patches and updates to the PC version primarily that have changed the entire experience for some players. Chunks of game such as the auction house, always-on internet and others were taken almost completely from the initial release after fan uproar caught Blizzard’s attention. On Metacritic, Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansions are close together at an 88 and 87 out of 100 on PC according to critics. Fan reviews, however, paint the former at a 3.9 and the latter at a 6.5 out of 10, showing an improvement in their minds for this expansion and update while expressing that there is still plenty of room for the furthering of both.

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