‘Fable Legends’ Releases Playable Beta Version [Video]


The highly successful Fable series of video games is scheduled to release a playable beta version of the saga’s latest installment entitled Fable Legends. The game will serve as a prequel, dating hundreds of years before the original title.

The new title will introduce massive multiplayer gameplay into the series. The saga has previously been known as a collection of role-playing games (RPGs) that are incredibly story-driven. The original trilogy of Fable titles featured a morality-based gameplay in which the game’s plot would alter in syncopation with the player’s choices and actions throughout the story. Major character customization was among one of the many notable traits in the original games as the character’s morality would also affect their appearance. Players could also dress their avatars any way they desired and equip them with numerous weapons that could be upgraded throughout their adventure.

The game’s production company, Lionhead, have stated that Legends will feature certain aspects of previous Fable titles, but will be a completely new experience in its own light. The gameplay is set to reflect that of a table-top style of battle. Players will take hold of one of many pre-made heroes each with a specific type of skill ranging from maximum strength to the ability to use magic. Users will also have the opportunity to take control of the story’s villain for the first time in the saga’s history. The actual gameplay will consist of various missions that are constructed beforehand by the player (human or computer-generated) that is controlling the villain.

That is right, players will have the opportunity to actually shape what happens in the game. Specificities such as what enemies pop out when and where to stop the heroes and what creature will serve as a level’s boss are among many of the exciting new features. Players will also be able to join online via Xbox Live with a friend to fight the forces of evil or battle against one another.

Fable Legends is being developed for the Xbox One and looks absolutely stunning from the released gameplay trailers. The series has been around since the original Xbox was the hot commodity and has always remained exclusive to the Microsoft gaming console. The series’ features have grown alongside the constantly-improving technology of the Xbox, having a major title released on each system. The cinematic cut scenes featured in the Legends trailer do not differ very much at all from the actual gameplay, revealing a very impressive improvement in the series’ visual graphics.

One will begin to wonder if the fact that Lionhead has chosen to segue into the massive online multiplayer trend with Fable will affect their already-established fan base. Many of the saga’s original fans were not keen to online gaming when the very first installment was released in 2004. Only time will tell with this matter.

The beta version of Fable Legends is scheduled to be playable starting on Oct. 16. More info on how to acquire the beta is available on the game’s website. The official release date of the full edition of the latest title is still unknown, but it is most certainly expected to be released by mid 2015. A trailer for the game that was released at Gamescon 2014 can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier

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