‘Game of Thrones’ New App Teaches Dothraki Language

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The hit HBO period/fantasy series Game of Thrones has a new companion app that will teach users who download it how to speak Dothraki, the fictional language used by the characters in the show. The premiere of the show’s fifth season is still nearly six months away and perhaps fans may make use of that time by learning what the foreign-speaking characters are actually saying, without the use of subtitles.

The app by Random House is entitled Dothraki Companion and is available for download from the Apple iTunes store. The application however, is not free, but does come at a fair price. Dothraki Companion can be downloaded on iOS devices for $3.99. Some fans may argue that the app should have no cost to download, but when they realize what all is included in the package, those fans may see the reasoning for putting a price on the item.

For one’s money, the Game of Thrones app offers a series of flashcards to help for memorization of certain words as well as a collection of games that keep the dialect and pronunciation running steadily. In addition, users will engage in a feature that allows them to exercise conversational dialogue with the Dothraki language. Now die-hard fans will have an excuse to speak the series’ famous word “Khaleesi” in a conversational tone.

Although this application is one of the first Game of Thrones language-learning devices to be highly featured in the media, it is not the initial effort. The show’s own network, HBO, released an audiobook training course that teaches the user the entirety of the Dothraki language, much like the Rosetta Stone series of self-teaching language programs. The Huffington Post also released a guide of a few dirty words from the language.  In addition to the guide, the paper created a parody of the 90’s language-learning software, Muzzy, by filming a video where Dothraki is the featured language for the program.

Game of Thrones has proven to be one of HBO’s most successful television programs. The series is based on a collection of novels written by epic fantasy author George R. R. Martin. Many have compared Martin’s work to that of J. R. R. Tolkien. Aside from the ironic similarity in their initials, both writers’ stories fall into a world that reflects one another, but Martin’s take on fantasy is much more adult-themed than Tolkien’s. Although Tolkien dealt with very mature themes in his literature, Martin displays a level of explicitness that pushes violent and sexual boundaries to the extreme.

Both Martin and the famous Lord of the Rings writer had the original languages from their books adapted into an actual speaking tongue in their literature’s Hollywood adaptations. The Game of Thrones author obviously has the aforementioned Dothraki, among a few others, while the likes of Tolkien’s Elvish speak was among one of the more notable languages in the Middle-Earth-themed films.

As mentioned before, the Game of Thrones app that teaches users to speak the Dothraki language is available now. One must be curious as to how many GoT die-hard fanatics will take on the challenge of mastering the Dothraki tongue by the time season five rolls around.

By Cody Collier

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