Google Now Paints New York City With Smart Ads

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Google Now’s created at campaign paints New York City with smart advertising messages teaching users the value of its service. A quick internet search will show that, not only is Google Now trending because of its recent product comparison victory, but consumers are also showing a great interest in the newest edition of personal assistant smartphones for other verifiable reasons. Tweets such as, “Is it just me or is Google Now getting better and better” and “the more I use it the more I fall in love with GoogleNow” show cause for a closer investigation into this high-performing, artificial intelligence device.

After beating out Siri and Cortana last week in a performance efficiency test conducted by a third-party whose goal was to determine which one produced the most accurate search results, the buzz surrounding Google Now has increased triumphantly. So what it is about Google Now that has users all pumped up? First of all, it is the features. From tracking household bills to work commute to travel assistance, Google Now offers a variety of tools that help make daily life more manageable. The app was first introduced in 2012 and is, at its base, a digital personal assistant.

It takes that basic functionality a step further by incorporating an almost creepy ability to seemingly read one’s mind due to its integration with user’s Gmail accounts. The app is also able to predict what a user may want to find based on data it gathers in the background of the user’s phone or desktop. Using this information, it is able to semi-accurately predict what information a user may need when they need it.

The ability of Google Now  to create a more personal user experience appears to be the most appreciated benefit of consumers. Google communicated this product benefit in the advertising campaign created to promote the app. Google re-branded, their feature-filled app, and expanded the concept of creative marketing strategies to a new, smart, and pleasant state by painting the Google Now ads into the locale in which they were placed around New York City.

The content of the ads communicated features of the app by educating consumers on exactly how to search and giving them an opportunity to understand how the app can benefit and serve them in real life usage. The ads were seamlessly integrated into the fabric of life so much so that many of the executions were somewhat hard to find.

This creative tactic melds perfectly with the internal brand of Google in that it is always presented its image as being one that exists to inspire curiosity and enable discovery.  An example of one of Google Now’s smart, imaginative, product-use describing ads was a custom paint set of bowling balls distributed to the Brooklyn Bowl in New York City. The campaign created a custom set of bowling balls and blended them in with all of the other bowling balls within the facility. The balls read, “Ok Google how many holes can a bowling ball have? ” Another example is branded coffee cups served at Café Reggio which subtly suggested that Google app users conduct a voice search stating, “Ok Google, what is the history of the cappuccino?”

by Bridgette Bryant


Photo by Johan Larsson – Flickr License