Grey’s Anatomy Star Ellen Pompeo Has Second Baby

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Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo, has had a second baby. It was a surprise to everyone else as she had never announced that she and her husband were expecting. This is the second daughter for her and her husband, Chris Ivery.

It seems Shonda Rhimes, creator of the medical drama, knew all about the pregnancy, and helped to keep it hidden. The baby was born via surrogate, and it happened a few weeks ago. The family has been able to spend the last few weeks without the media attention. It was only when Pompeo posted a photo on Twitter that everyone realized the truth. The baby girl has been named Sienna May, and will be a little sister to Stella Ivery.

The couple likes to keep their private life together a secret. In November 2007, the two married in New York City without any announcement. It was all done at Lower Manhattan’s City Hall quickly and privately, according to The Boston Globe. Pompeo’s life seems to resemble the life of her character Meredith Grey in some aspects.

On Grey’s Anatomy, her character opted for a quick and private marriage at the local city hall. The character also went the route of adoption for their first child, when she and Dr. Derek Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, realized that pregnancy was not a likely option. It was only last season that she gave birth to her son naturally.

Pompeo did it the other way around. She went through the pregnancy of Stella Luna herself, and gave birth in 2009. It has been the second one that she had decided not to have naturally. Pompeo, star of Grey’s Anatomy now has her second baby, born via surrogate.

Her first baby was not quite a secret. She gave interviews about it, including one with Allure before the birth. She was excited about it, and explained that she would never feel like she missed out on anything. She and husband Ivery had had their fun, and now they were ready for the lifestyle change. It was something they were going to take seriously.

Despite not going through the second pregnancy herself, the two would take this one seriously, too. While they had gotten used to the lifestyle change of having children, they will have gotten through the sleepless nights. Now it is back to them while their newborn daughter grows up.

It was just recently that Pompeo had announced her desire to move away from Grey’s Anatomy. She spoke about the lack of strong desire she has to act once the medical drama comes to an end. Now that people know about the baby, there are some wondering whether this second child has brought the thoughts of quitting acting on. However, the star did admit that she wanted to challenge herself, and that is not something acting does.

The 44-year-old actress is back on the TV screens with the medical drama. The show started last week, set a week after the end of the season 10 finale. The upcoming episodes were filmed months before the announcement that Grey’s Anatomy star Pompeo has a second baby born via surrogate.

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