Halloween Costume Game Epic New Tradition

HalloweenHalloween has traditions, from Trick or Treating to a yearly costume ball, and everything in between, now parents are posting pictures of their babies in what they are calling the costume game, and the results are epic. First up is Willow, who first hit the internet last year, as mom and dad dressed her up differently each day of October. Her mom is a photographer, and all Willow’s pictures can be found on Gina Lee’s instagram account.

HalloweenThis year, they really went all out and became even more creative now that Willow is a toddler. Last year her costumes for Halloween ranged from a cabbage patch kid, to Little Orphan Annie with her dad as Daddy Warbucks. This year the adorable little dress up diva starts out as the Morton salt girl. (pictured right) The costume is a delightful surprise from her adorable expression to the strings ‘pouring’ out of the salt container. Her mom also dressed her as Frida Kahlo, with details right down to the connected eyebrows. Another was a See’s candies clerk, and an In-N-Out fast food employee, all adorable and unique in their own way.

HalloweenAnother fan favorite is the Price is Right contestant, complete with a bid, a microphone and a name tag. (Pictured left) It certainly appears that she is on board with all this dress up activity during the month of October, as she is smiling and playing along in every picture.

Willow and her parents are not the only ones playing the Halloween costume game, it seems to be starting to pick up speed with families of young children. Their photo’s are spreading around the internet at break neck speeds.

Not only are the pictures adorable and a fun source of entertainment, they also serve to inspire those who are desperately seeking an original or different costume for their infants or toddlers. Like Noah who was just born this past summer and he is already at the top of the Halloween costume game polls. He is adorned in such outfits as a skeleton, an inmate and a caterpillar in an adorable knit outfit. One of the fan favorites is Noah as Waldo from the books Where’s Waldo fame. Pictured here he poses on one such photo and looks as happy and content as could be. (Photo right)

HalloweenHalloweenSome simple accessories are a good thought for all those new parents out there, such as the caterpillar which is simply a knit hat with eyes, nose and antennae. Or a knit hat that appears to be an apple, which Noah’s parents did, adding their own touch by posing him in a bowl of fruit. His parents have this costume change game down to a science and they seem to have someone who is handy with the knitting needles. Almost all of Noah’s costumes feature a knit hat, like the ski bum look (photo left) which is amazingly cute in its simplicity.

Whatever the kids dress up as for Halloween, this newest trend of posting a costume change every day throughout the month will be certain to keep the fans entertained as well as give many some inspiration for creating an epic costume, instead of just buying one.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

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