Halloween Fear Fest Kicks Off With Stephen King


The Halloween fear fest is here and it kicks off with the ever popular Stephen King movies. Many people love a good scare this time of year, and some are counting down to fright night. This year is no different, and the TV networks are willing to give everyone a good old scare.

Not all of the movies are in the dead of night. Many are being aired during the morning for those who find the midnight showings too creepy. While it all kicked off on Friday, with Stephen King’s Thinner, one day is already gone. Now the focus in on Saturday Oct 18 and onwards.

Rose Red is the first for Saturday, starting at 9am. Fans will get to see all three parts back to back on Syfy. That is then followed by The Reaping at 3pm and The Fog two hours later. The latter is repeated at 11pm for those who cannot spend the whole day watching scary movies. Those who want a different marathon of movies, the Tremors marathon is showing from 10am, with all four movies running back to back.

Sunday is another day for horror fun, and offers a mixture for everyone. AMC will have the Child’s Play marathon starting from the second movie at 12pm. It goes all the way up to the Seed of Chucky. While the Halloween fear fest kicked off with Stephen King on Syfy, ABC Family is doing a family day of “scary” movies.

7am is the showing of Casper and that is followed by The Addams Family and Addams Family Values from 9am. Halloween just would not be the same without these family movies. While Syfy shows a repeat of The Reaping at 12:30pm, ABC Family continues with movies for everyone by showing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Part 2. After that it is onto Disney’s newest Toy Story short movie, Toy Story OF TERROR. This is just a short one and great for the younger children just going to bed.

For the older children, and those who find Walt Disney a guilty pleasure, Monsters, Inc is on from 8pm, followed by The Nightmare Before Christmas. The latter is another that just cannot be missed when it comes to Halloween.

Next week sees some of the favorite older horror movies on the TV, including a Friday the 13th marathon. Many of the Friday the 13th movies are repeated as it gets closer to October 31. There is also the legend Halloween, along with various sequels throughout the next week or so.

Zombie fans should not be disappointed with 28 Week Later airing on Tuesday and then repeated on Wednesday Oct 29. Those who enjoy the slasher movies that have fun rather than try to scare people will also get their fair share of movies. The Scream franchise and I Know What You Did Last Summer are planned in the run up to October 31.

There are other funny shows, with FXX planning a marathon of The Simpsons Tree House of Terror and ABC Family showing It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. There is something for all this Halloween, with Stephen King kicking off fear fest in style.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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Photo credit: CC-2.0 William Warby