Halloween Gets Wild With Lights [Video]

Halloween is a time for trick-or-treating and candy. It is also a time for light displays that range from neighborhood homes to the Empire State Building. Two neighborhoods are getting into the scary spirit with wild light displays. In Alabama, Bob Boyer gets into the Halloween mood for the first time with a light display in front of his house that he named Terror on Deaton Drive. Boyer uses 3,000 lights that move along to the music. He started getting ready for the display in May and spent months on his computer getting ready for the 30-minute show. Boyer is putting on the show to help raise awareness for organ donation.

Boyer is a heart transplant recipient who hopes that people will donate to the Alabama Organ Center. He says that organ donation gives somebody a second chance at life. Boyer continues by saying that it has been three years that he had someone else’s heart in him and he loves having the energy to do things like this. People who live in or near South Huntsville can see his show every night the week leading up to Halloween. The show can also be found on his Facebook page through Youtube. Another house gets the Halloween treatment from a well-known classic rock song.

Nick Thomas and his neighbor’s son, Mr. Jandick, created the show as well as breaking up the show. Thomas sets up the many tombstones, corpses and skeletons that sit on his lawn. Jandick is in charge of the light design and music. The show not only includes six minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen but also 30 other songs including Thriller by Michael Jackson. Thousands gather to witness the wild show, which has only gotten a few complaints. Thomas says that mostly everyone is fine with the 30 minute show that has over 1,000 views on Youtube. The Empire State Building is using their lights to put on a Halloween show for the masses.

Halloween The Empire State Realty Trust is teaming up with two of iHeartMedia’s radio stations, Z100 and 103.5 KTU. Marc Brickman, a well-known lighting designer, is the choreographer for the light show. The building will play tunes from the two radio stations. Anthony E. Malkin, the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman and President of the Empire State Building Realty Trust, said the Empire State Building Realty Trust and iHeartMedia’s Halloween light show brings a large amount of attention from a global audience and is an annual, visual viral sensation. Malkin also said that the music-to-light shows are yearly spectacles that define special occasions and holidays in New York City as well as around the world.

Light shows are not only for the holiday season anymore. Boyer, Thomas and Jandick created wild Halloween-themed light shows in their neighborhoods. Boyer’s show will change from day-to-day and Thomas’s display has pumpkin lights that look like the four members of Queen. Visitors can listen to the music for The Empire State Realty Trust’s show with the iHeartRadio application and the light show gets viral exposure when the Empire State Building Realty Trust posts the show on their Youtube page after the live show is over. People can get in on the fun on social media by using the hashtag #ESBoo.

By Jordan Bonte

WHNT News 19
PR Newswire
Daily Mail Online

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