Halloween Sparks Epic Pranks [Video]


Halloween, that time of year for ghosts and goblins, parties and trick or treating, and a perfect time of year for an epic prank that is making its way around the internet. Many fans of this holiday are familiar with the old wear a mask and jump out at someone prank, but making it a full-fledged production that involves numerous random people as victims, is what this video is all about.

While most people are just thinking about how to decorate the house, or what to wear to this seasons Halloween party, this group is planning the ultimate scary prank.  This type of video is one of the most popular on the web today, and one can find prank videos in abundance. Some of the most popular are some of the freakiest, like the man who tied an iridescent material to the ceiling fan. He tucked it up onto one of the blades, and when his girlfriend came in, he turned the fan on, (but not the light) and sent a frightening ghost on a flight around the room.

Another popular prank on Halloween is to be camouflaged as a chair and when the un-suspecting take a seat, BAM, they get grabbed from behind. Talk about an accelerated heartbeat. These jokes are not for the faint of heart, and should be done with discrimination, that being said, the video below is not a heart thumper except for the unsuspecting in the coffee shop. Picture sitting down to have a coffee and relax, and suddenly the whole shop becomes a fantastical setting for paranormal activity. These stunts and effects are done with such precision that those patrons that are not actors get seriously freaked out.

A few years back the biggest and most passed around pranks were those in video form on the internet. One such video had viewers watching intently as a car drove down a winding road, until the grotesque monster popped onto the viewers screen with a roar. Looking for something wrong with a picture on the web could also end up having a zombie pop into the viewers face. All these interactive scares that still get passed around to this day, and not just on Halloween.

Americans are not the only ones that are in love with being scared, Brazil had the top scariest Halloween prank honor last year. The scheme was elaborate and involved an elevator that was rigged to allow a young ghostly girl appear, after a brief moment of the lights going out. After a moment the still as stone girl starts screaming in terror, then out go the lights and she is gone. The video went mega viral, and watching behind the scenes, the viewer was allowed to see how it worked. In that video it was the fun of watching others being scared, rather than the viewer being the victim.

Whether scaring or being scared is what one may like, this video is sure to elicit some epic Halloween fun and make fans glad that they are watching from the safety of the computer. Most who watch this will be glad that it was not them in that coffee shop on that day, and many others will hope to one day be the victim of such an outstanding production as this prank is.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

Daily Caller
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