HBO Online Streaming May Not Be Cheap


The new HBO online streaming service may not be cheap, according to recent reports. This is compared to the price of other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. The question many will have is whether the new service will be worth the extra cost.

Reports suggest that the streaming service is likely to cost between $15 and $18 per month. In comparison, Netflix is less than $10 per month and CBS is looking into streaming services of $5.99 per month. Many will also compare the prices of having HBO as part of their regular cable or satellite service.

When used with the cable or satellite service, the cost per month is possibly going to be the same. It will lead to many questioning whether it is even worth getting rid of their other channels for this one on its own.

At the moment, all U.S. customers must have cable or satellite if they want to watch one of the shows on this network. This includes the extremely popular Game of Thrones. The idea of losing the channel will not be fun for those who adore the fantasy show based on the Songs of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin. However, there are customers who resent having to pay for a cable or satellite service that they do not really use.

The cable and satellite providers do not want to lose customers, so they are trying to make keeping their services competitive. This is leading to the pricing structure, that could lead to customers paying about the same whether to have the network in the package or to opt for the standalone streaming. Opting for HBO’s online streaming on its own may not be as cheap as people were expecting.

There is also the question of whether customers will really want to pay this amount. Netflix is still one of the more popular options, and comes in at around $4 cheaper compared to the lowest monthly pricing suggested for HBO. Will customers really want to pay an extra $4 a month just for shows like Game of Thrones and True Detective?

The benefit would be for customers to watch the programs whenever and wherever they would like. All they would need is an internet connection. That could be promising for some customers, who find themselves out of the house and having to ignore social media and the internet as soon as these programs are aired.

HBO announced that the U.S. customers would be the first to receive the online subscription service. This will be a trial, and then the option may be offered to customers internationally. It is likely that the network wants to see how well the service does with the customers who are more likely to benefit from this type of service.

It will also help to determine the option for other networks. CBS is already looking into option to move to online streaming and subscription services to move away from cable and satellite packages. All of the separate options for HBO, CBS and other networks could end up too expensive for customers around the world.

By Alexandria Ingham




The Atlantic

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