Ice Cream Truck Driver Attacked by Residents After Killing Young Boy

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Ice cream truck drivers have always had a bad reputation. People call them pedophiles, kidnappers, and have, over the years, become more and more suspicious of them. Though many ice cream truck drivers say that they are just simply trying to make a living, it has been hard for them to make that living with such rumors always going about. One ice cream truck driver in Los Angeles, however, has experienced the wrath of residents in an all time high.

An ice cream truck driver was attacked by residents in the city of Los Angeles after he hit and killed a young boy. Seven-year-old, ice cream truckJamarion Thomas, died Wednesday after being run over by the truck while on his motorized bike. Witnesses said the boy was riding the bike beside the ice cream truck while holding on when he apparently slipped off of the bike and fell under the back wheels of the truck. But family and outraged residents took matters into their own hands with the driver who claimed the matter was an accident.

The boy died Wednesday night at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center from injuries suffered after being run over by the truck. Witnesses saw the accident and tried to help the boy but were unable to do much for him. As one resident of the area stated, Jamarion was well loved by everyone in the area and his family was devastated.

The police then ruled that the hit was an accident and the driver was not charged with anything. However, the family strongly urged police that this was no accident as they disputed what the police said. According to the family the boy had come in for ice cream money and went out pushing his bike, not riding it. They also stated that he would not have been strong enough or big enough to hold on to the ice cream truck. She said it was not long after she had left him pushing his bike toward the truck that she heard screaming and ran out and saw him laying there bleeding.

Witnesses said the man, who drives a truck adorned with red and black flames, did not stop until someone yelled at him in Spanish. After the driver, whose name was not released, stopped the truck, residents of the area attacked him. The ice cream truck driver said that people in the area were outraged as they threw bricks at his truck, and one person even threatened him at knife point. One picture of the incident even shows a hole through the driver’s window. The driver was quickly taken to the police station for protection, and he sustained some bruises during the attack but was not badly injured, according to police statements. Police searched for the attackers but could not link the attack to anyone specific. Dozens of family members and friends had gathered around the spot on the 200 block of E 97th St. where the accident happened. They set up a vigil of candles and stuffed animals in memory of the young boy.

Though the family protested, police have still not charged the ice cream truck driver with anything. They are looking into the evidence further but suspect that it was just an accident. Police are, however, still looking for the attackers. Though ice cream truck drivers have had a bad reputation before, this incident has made many even more weary of drivers in Los Angeles, as residents show their anger in the death of the 7-year-old boy.

By Crystal Boulware


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