‘Inside Out’: Pixar’s Most Emotional Endeavor Yet [Video]

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On Oct. 2, the latest Disney/Pixar animated feature, Inside Out, was released and it very well may be the company’s most emotional endeavor yet. Disney has partnered with Pixar on every one of their feature films with each one amounting to a great amount of critical praise due to the high emotional attachment audiences develop within their films.

Inside Out brings the best of Pixar’s creativity forward. Former themes of Pixar films in the past include topics of friendship in Toy Story, family in Brave and acceptance in Monsters, Inc. Every movie by the multi-Oscar-winning company is memorable for the emotional obstacles the iconic characters are faced with in their journey throughout each story. Inside Out will most definitely host the trademark emotional depth of Pixar, but the storyline may differ from previous heroes’ quests.

The new movie delves inside the mind of a young girl and gives audiences an insight on how the human emotions run. The trailer introduces five new principal characters that aren’t entirely unknown to the human race. These characters are actually quite familiar to anyone who has ever experienced sadness, anger, disgust, fear or joy. That is right, the characters of this new effort are actual human emotions, themselves. This is a very clever and enticing new take on storytelling on Pixar’s part.

The newly released teaser reveals only a small snippet of the actual film with the first half being a montage composed of numerous clips from previous Pixar films that vividly portray the aforementioned emotions. When the video finally reaches footage from Inside Out, the primary character of a young girl named Riley is revealed eating dinner with her family in what is reportedly their new home in a new city. The unpacked boxes in the video also prove the aforementioned fact. The girl seems down in the dumps about her new circumstances as the video cuts to what is apparently inside the girl’s mind. A series of what seems to be memories or similar visions can be seen traversing all amongst the girl’s mind until an unknown figure picks one up. This figure is the character of Joy who introduces her supporting cast members of Anger, Fear, Sadness and Disgust.

Parks and Recreation star and Saturday Night Live alumni Amy Poehler is the voice of the principal emotion, Joy. Comic actress from The Office, Phyllis Smith will voice Sadness as renown actor Lewis Black portrays Anger. TV star Mindy Kaling plays Disgust while additional SNL alumni Bill Hader takes on the role of Fear. Hollywood newcomer, Kaitlyn Dias, will voice the host of all these emotions, Riley.

Up director, Pete Docter, helms the new Pixar film. His efforts in creating Inside Out have been reportedly very dear to his heart as well as those of his fellow creators at Pixar. The production studio has had a bit of a hiatus from releasing films as 2012’s Brave was the most recent product. Fans of the studio’s movies anticipate great things from Inside Out. Followers of the company will be happy to know that not one, but two Pixar products will be released in 2015 as The Good Dinosaur is scheduled for release next November.

As audiences anticipate the release of Inside Out, a film that may be Pixar’s most emotional endeavor yet, they will look forward to more trailers and coverage to come. The film releases June 19, 2015 and the new teaser can be viewed below.

By Cody Collier


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