‘Into the Woods’ New Trailer Reveals Cast Singing [Video]

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into the woods

Into the Woods is the musical phenomenon by composer Stephen Sondheim and scriptwriter James Lapine that will receive a feature film adaptation this Christmas. The new trailer for the movie reveals many of the cast members singing excerpts from the mesmerizing score by Sondheim.

The original trailer, released this past summer, showcased beautiful cinematography and very picturesque costumes and scenic designs. The teaser also introduced each of the principal actors and displayed an array of acting chops from a few of the featured players, but not a single note was sung in the video. The recently released video finally gives viewers the satisfaction of knowing that the iconic score will be handled just fine by the vocal talents of the film’s cast.

Actress Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect plays the famed princess Cinderella and is among one the first performers to demonstrate their singing abilities. Daniel Huttlestone of the Les Misérables movie fame plays Jack (the beanstalk version) and joins Kendrick in a rendition of the opening number from Into the Woods. James Corden and Emily Blunt take on the leading roles of the Baker and his wife whom the story truly revolves around. The two leads also display strong vocals alongside Kendrick and Huttlestone.

Serving as more of a featurette with interviews and footage edited together, the new trailer allows the cast to speak about their experiences on working in Into the Woods. As the actors express their seemingly thrilling adventures throughout the production, viewers get even more of a taste of the film from the numerous cutscenes playing in the background.

The chills begin to kick in when the haunting voice of Meryl Streep as the Witch begins singing Sondheim’s coming-of-age tune “Stay With Me”. The actress is completely captivating and takes one’s breath away in but a few seconds of footage alongside stage actress Mackenzie Mauzy who plays the Witch’s adopted daughter Rapunzel. The vast amount of emotional performance and technical executions Streep has displayed in the footage thus far is very worthy of yet another Oscar nomination for the actress who has previously won the golden trophy three times.

One aspect that the actors discuss within the trailer that may be a large responsibility for Into the Woods’s success is the inclusion of multiple fairytale icons into one plot line. The likes of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the bean stalk, Rapunzel and many more tales of childhood are blended into one original story that will entice even the most casual of viewers. Blunt states that the overall theme of Into the Woods is that one should be careful what they wish for. The actress furthers the statement by saying that a grand lesson to be learned in the film is to appreciate what one has before it is forever lost.

The reveal of singing cast members in the new Into the Woods trailer can now put many of the skeptical followers at ease knowing that the legendary music is in good hands. The aforementioned featurette can be viewed below and Into the Woods can be seen in theaters beginning Dec. 25, 2014.

By Cody Collier

USA Today
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