‘Into the Woods’ Reveals New Production Photos

into the woods

The most anticipated movie musical of the year Into the Woods, directed by Rob Marshall, has just released a series of new photos from the production revealing characters that have remained unseen up until this point. The face of Johnny Depp’s character of The Wolf finally makes its way to the forefront as the second half of Meryl Streep’s very witchy enchantress is unveiled.

The inclusion of the two aforementioned actors, Depp and Streep, are undoubtably a huge responsibility for the hype of the film and for the movie’s marketability as a major A-picture. Depp’s turn in the Pirates of the Caribbean series and numerous major feature films put him comfortably on the A-List. Streep is known by many as one of the greatest film actresses of all time, with more Oscar nominations than any other actor, male or female, in history so it is evident that the actress will attract a very large audience as well.

The new photos, that are featured in the likes of other major publications such as Entertainment Weekly, allow viewers to finally see the look Depp sports as the villainous wolf in Into the Woods. The first teaser trailer for the film, released this summer, credited Depp as a principal character, but only showed the single paw of a wolf slyly creeping around a tree. The actor’s face remained hidden. The new photo reveals Depp in a 1940’s style zoot suit stylized as a wolf-like creature rather than an actual CGI creation.

The adaptation of Depp’s character from the original Into the Woods stage production to the silver screen most likely proved to be a very trying task, indeed. On stage, audiences easily buy a man draped with fur and fangs much easier than they would in the intimacy of a feature film.

It looks as if Marshall’s direction has not strayed from the original Broadway production as Depp’s human features still remain with the flesh of his face remaining untouched aside from a wicked-looking mustache and goatee alongside a furry pair of eyebrows that reflect the dark grey fur his limbs are covered in. The Wolf is also very humanized as he is dressed in a full zoot suit with a matching fedora. The ensemble that makes up Depp’s character may sound ridiculous, but one may believe that it will fit within the Into the Woods world just fine.

Streep’s character is one of great power and importance throughout the tale of Into the Woods. As the Witch, Streep appears very haggard, wrinkled and downright frightening as the original teaser revealed. For those that are familiar with the storyline of Into the Woods, they will know that Streep’s character undergoes a dramatic transformation in appearance. The newly released photos include a concept art photo of the aftermath of the Witch’s transformation as well as a cover of Entertainment Weekly that reveals Streep in her full regalia of majestic beauty alongside fellow actress Mackenzie Mauzy who plays the Witch’s adopted daughter, Rapunzel in the film.

The reveal of the new Into the Woods production photos has fans new and old only expanding their range of excitement for the release of this film. The aforementioned photos featuring Depp and Streep can be viewed through the Entertainment Weekly source below. Into the Woods opens in theaters on Christmas Day this year.

Opinion by Cody Collier

Entertainment Weekly

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