iPhone 6 To See Fastest Roll Out in Company History

IphoneIn what Apple is calling the fastest roll out in company history, 69 markets will be selling the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by the end of this month. That is 36 new markets that should start arriving this Friday in Monaco, India and China. There was a delay in China due to some regulatory issues that Apple would not comment on.

Apple is on track to have the latest iPhone available in 115 countries or more by the end of this year. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were first launched in early September in the U.S. along with eight other countries. “The first weekend over 10 millions iPhones were sold, “ said Apple, “breaking the record” from last year’s 5s and 5c debut. The 5s broke the previous model’s record of 5 million, selling over 9 million phones.

The phone comes in the traditional space gray and instead of white they chose silver. This year they have added a gold color. There is no 32 GB phone in the new line up. Apple went with 16, 64 and 128 GB. Prices remain the same under two-year contracts with major American cellular retailers. If you choose to the buy the phone outright it starts at $649 for a 16 GB iPhone 6, up to $849 for the 128 GB. The iPhone 6 Plus starts at a $100 more for a 16 GB, up to $949 for 128 GB.

The surge in retail sales is thought to be from the increased size of the screen, which Apple fans have been waiting for, an Apple insider said. Apple planned for larger demands with the latest iPhone and with the fastest roll out in history the company is still struggling to fill stores. The phone has a 5.5 inch display, an inch and a half bigger than last year’s 5s. It runs on Apples new iOS operating system iOS 8 and contains a new A8 chip. Along with better speed and specs, the camera has been improved as well as a total facelift of the exterior phone. At this time it is the thinnest mobile phone on the market.

A week or two after the new phones were released there was an explosion of online content stating the phone was able to bend with minimal pressure. According to Apple “only nine official complaints” came in. Because of all the online hype, Consumer Reports decided to run a battery of their own tests to see how bendable it actually was. What they found was the phone appeared to hold its own much more then what was being implied on the Internet. The test showed the phone could withstand 70 pounds of pressure before bending. Consumer Reports said, “During everyday use the phone should stand up very well.”

Apple’s website will ship new orders within seven to 10 days. As of Monday afternoon the website had both phones under the three major mobile providers. With faster roll outs, the iPhone 6 is proving to be the biggest selling iPhone in the companies history.

By Paul Sears


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