iPhone 7 Rumors Include Solar Upgrade

iPhone 7

Although the iPhone 6 has just seen its successful launch,  consumers are already running rampant looking for information about the next incarnation. Rumors have already begun to surface about features for the iPhone 7, including one that says it may have an upgrade which allows it to be solar power compatible. With competition running high, and everyone looking for the bigger, better deal, Apple looks to be upping the ante if the whispers currently circulating are true. Aside from the possibility of a solar power addition, there are a couple of other features which may be coming to counteract perceived advantages from the competition. They appear to be going after the Samsung products with these upgrades in particular.

No few customers have expressed the feeling that Apple phones may be falling behind its Samsung counterparts in terms of new technology, especially with respect to the gesture technology currently available in the Galaxy line. The rumors currently being tossed around all point to the iPhone 7 having something similar included when it is released. This technology allows users to operate their phones without having to touch the screens, with sensors able to register hand gestures made in front of the phone. Although the technology as it exists has been reviewed as limited, it is a perceived advantage for the Samsung product which Apple appears to want to counter. Some recent comparison reviews have also noted the lack of water resistance in the iPhones, so it is likely that the iPhone 7 will address that as well. In fact, the rumors currently suggest that the waterproofing on the Apple version will be an improvement on current smartphones, including waterproofing of all of the circuits for protection even if submerged.

The new phone is expected to have a larger screen with better resolution and thinner borders to maximize screen space. The screen will probably be made of the Sapphire glass currently in use with some of the Apple watches to be more durable and to address the circulating concerns over the iPhone 6 showing signs of bending when kept in pants pockets. It is thought that there will be a strong aluminum body as well. As the most publicized drawback to the current incarnation, it is something which will be addressed completely in the next. The bending issue has not hurt sales of the iPhone 6 dramatically, with Apple reporting sales of over ten million units in three days after its release in September.

Another upgrade expected is to the camera. Rather than simply upgrade the software, the iPhone 7 may include an increase to more mega pixels in the rear camera as a part of the new incarnation. Other suggested improvements include extended battery life and a better processor. While some of the more fanciful rumors, such as the thought that the new phones will include the ability to project holograms, are not likely to be true, most of the other rumors seem possible and even likely.  Initial rumors of a release date for  the iPhone 7 were for September 2015, but most of the more recent information points to a June 2105 release.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of Brandon Daniel – License

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