J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Riddle Answer Revealed

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J.K. Rowling

J.K Rowling teased her fans about the possible return of Harry Potter, but now her riddle answer has been revealed. Fans may be disappointed to hear that the beloved character is not making a return—at least just yet. The riddle was all about the upcoming series on Newt Scamander, who is her protagonist in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

The famous author delighted fans with her Twitter riddle just yesterday. Many thought it would be an anagram and started to rearrange the letters. Instantly, many believed that her beloved wizard was going to make a return, but that Rowling was not ready to share any updates. Unfortunately for fans of the Potter universe, later tweets made it clear that she was talking about her upcoming three-script series. The series is based on the book designed as an encyclopedia of magic beasts and creatures within the Potter universe.

The riddle was in fact an anagram, and there was a correct answer by the end of the day. The riddle turned out to be about how New Scamander was only expecting to be in New York for a few hours. She confirmed during the guessing that this was not a sentence within the script, but the first line of the synopsis.

Rowling revealed the answer to her Harry Potter riddle once she saw a fan had guessed right. It has not stopped many fans hoping that there will be another Harry Potter book. Many wondered whether one would be in the works after the short story shared in July. The author shared a narration of the three main wizards in their 30s and with their own children. It almost set up a prequel to a new set of novels.

However, Rowling seems hard at work with her latest project. She is penning three scripts for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which will follow new character Newt Scamander. The details are still very hazy, but the first release is expected to be in November 2016. It is also set 70 years before the Harry Potter series, so the trio will not feature in it. There is hope for many that Dumbledore will make an appearance, considering he has lived for so many years.

Many fans spent the whole day analyzing her anagram, and later clues that she shared. It was a bit of fun, and a way to break her Twitter silence that had happened for the last couple of weeks. However, some users did complain and others were completely off with their guesses.

The guesses did not just stick to Twitter, either. Facebook and Reddit users got involved. It was on Reddit that the first Harry Potter returns guess came in, but Rowling made it clear that it was wishful thinking for it to be about the boy wonder wizard. She kept reiterating that it was all to do with new character Newt. By the end of the day, Rowling finally revealed the answer to the Harry Potter riddle after a Twitter user guessed correctly. While some may be upset, others will just be happy to know a little more about the new storyline.

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