J.K. Rowling Shares Her Most Hated Character in Harry Potter

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J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling has shared her most hated character in Harry Potter, and it is not the obvious. All authors have a character that they have written in a horrible way, and one that they most likely hate out of all; one that some would not mind to kill off later on in the series.

In Songs of Ice and Fire it may have been Joffrey for George R.R. Martin, although he has never confirmed that. For Rowling, it was not the obvious Lord Voldermort. Nor was it Professor Snape, or even Lucius Malfoy. It was Delores Umbridge!

She came into the Harry Potter universe as a minister, but later became the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. After some trouble in the school, she appointed herself as the High Inquisitor. Some of her tasks involved sacking teachers and getting rid of anything and anyone who opposed her or went against her personal beliefs. She even made Harry write “I must not tell lies” virtually into his hand due to a magic quill.

Unlike Lord Voldermort, she never had the excuse of being in Slytherin House, or even being drawn to the dark side. She was just a very evil person, and someone that many disliked throughout the novels.

Rowling has now admitted that her most hated character in Harry Potter was actually based on a real person. There is someone out there that the author hates with a passion, and disliked at first sight. The information was shared in a new essay on her Pottermore website.

The name of the person Rowling based the character on has not been shared, although that person likely knows it is her. The author went on to explain that there was never a real reason to dislike the woman in real life. The two just instantly took a disliking to each other, and it was irrational, at least for the Harry Potter author.

Today has been a day of treats for Harry Potter fans. Rowling not only shared this little bit in her 1,700 word essay, but also shared other essays for her fans. They are all available on Pottermore, which is completely free for people to sign up to. This is where the author has been able to continue her stories into the universe without releasing a new novel.

One of the essays goes into Sybil Trelawny, who was one of the professors fired by the hated Umbridge. She taught Divination, which was considered a subject that students should not be taught by the High Inquisitor. The professor later got her job back once Umbridge was removed from her position.

Rowling also went further into the story of the Thestrals. They are only seen by people who have witnessed death, and are seen by Harry at the start of the fourth book. They take the students between Hogwarts and the train station. The history of Azkaban was also shared for fans who want to learn more about some of the prominent places in the universe.

While fans will be excited, many have always wanted to know where the inspirations for characters and places came from. Fans finally learned that Umbridge was inspired by a real person, and was a character that Rowling really hated in her novels.

By Alexandria Ingham


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