Jimmy Fallon and Jada Pinkett Smith Play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors and Pie’

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, host Jimmy Fallon’s first guest was actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Fallon and Jada played a new game, Rock, Paper, Scissors and Pie together. His second guest of the evening was the comedian Nick Kroll, who co-stars in The League. His musical guest was Bobby Shmurda. Jimmy Fallon also did his hilarious “Thank You Notes” comedy bit.

Jimmy Fallon was met with a standing ovation as he walked out onto the stage of the Tonight Show. He welcomed his audience to the Tonight Show, calling them a “Hot crowd!” He joked about the closing of Guantanamo Bay, and then said “This week, Obama criticized the GOP about being the party of billionaires while at the house of a billionaire by the name of Rich Richman!”

Fallon continued, saying “I saw that Disney is coming out with a new fairy dress from the movie Frozen. But, when a guy wants to dress up as Sebastion the crab, it’s all ‘It’s not all about you, Jimmy!'”

Jimmy Fallon then compared how people on the street can be distinguished from either being a Comic Con fan or a Times Square character. He told about some key differences to look for in another humorous comedy bit.

Then, Fallon did what has become a weekly comedy bit for him, “Tonight Show Superlatives.” He showed NFL football players on football cards and said that they had been “Voted Most Likely” to be a certain type of person or do different things than be football players.

“From the great new series, Gotham, Jada Pinkett Smith will be here! Later in the show, we will play a new game called Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Pie! Our second guest of the show, from The League, will be comedian Nick Kroll! Also, musical guest Bobby Shmurda will be in the house!”

Jimmy Fallon then did his weekly “Thank You Notes” bit, while James Posey played the keyboards. Announcer Steve Higgins and Jimmy Falllon like to mess with Posey and get him to laugh. What follows are some of the “Thank You Notes,” Fallon said.

“Thank You, J.K. Rowling, for teasing about a new Harry Potter book, when it turns out you were just J.K.-ing.”

“Thank you, Slugger, the Kansas City Royals mascot, for looking like a lion had sex with Bart Simpson.”

“Thank you, first date, or like I like to call you, ‘lying contest.'”

“Thank you, Brita Filters, for filtering out everything except the little charcoal balls at the base of he filters,” Jimmy Fallon said, concluding the segment.

“Our first guest stars in the very popular series Gotham — ladies and gentlemen, welcome the lovely Jada Pinkett Smith!”

Jada Pinket Smith and Fallon talked about a new dance, the Shmoney Dance. Fallon said he was not very good at it, though. “Will would know about this dance,” Fallon said. Jada made a face at him, like saying “You sure you know the person you’re talking about?”

Jada told Fallon that “We have dance parties at home.”

“Who usually wins?” Fallon asked. She said her daughter, but she usually came in second.

Jimmy Falon showed a photo of Jada, Will and their daughter on roller skates. Jada said “I love it!” Fallon, though, said he had never been very good at roller skating.

“We have to invite you to one of our skating parties,” Jada told him.

Jada then told Fallon some advice about when his daughter becomes a teenager. She said to follow the same advice she gave to her husband, Will — “When you pick up your daughter at the mall, don’t ask her any questions. Leave that up to me.” Her name on Gotham is “Fish.”

Jada and Jimmy Fallon talked about the new hit series, Gotham, and then he challenged her to the game, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie. She accepted the challenge, and Fallon said “We will play it right when we come back!”

Jimmy Fallon

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from the commercial break, Fallon and Jada Pinkett Smith played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie. They had safety glasses on and stuck their heads and arms out of cut-outs in wood. Fallon said “Whoever loses each round has to click the ‘Pie Clicking’ mechanism. “You never know when you’ll get hit with a pie! It’s totally at random!”

The person who gets hit two times first loses. They both tied the very first time with scissors two times in a row — then Fallon switched to a rock, and won — but, the pie did not hit her that first time. She lost a second time, and clicked the mechanism, then got hit in the face with a pie. They tied the second time, then Jada turned the tables on him and chose “rock” while Fallon chose ‘scissors.” But, the pie did not hit Fallon.

Then, Jada said “Let’s do it without the goggles!” She lost, and got hit in the face, making Jimmy Fallon the winner. He told the audience that Nick Kroll would be on when the show returned from another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his next guest, Nick Kroll. He said that a new season of The League will premiere next Wednesday. Kroll said that he once had the opportunity to “meet Bill Murray.” He added “It was about five months into when I began doing stand-up.”

A waitress at a comedy club he was going to perform at told him that Bill Murray was drinking a drink upstairs. Kroll went up to ask him to see his stand-up routine. He told Kroll “Okay,” and Murray came downstairs to watch him.

Kroll told Fallon that “Murray, to comedians, was like a cow probably is to people in India.”

“I get onstage, and my idol — the guy who inspired me to get into comedy — was there and I bombed. He watched the whole set. I was horrible. He gave me the opportunity, and I blew it. If you meet your idol, the lesson is ‘Don’t bother him.'”

Jimmy Fallon then talked to Kroll about both The League and Kroll’s own show, The Nick Kroll Show. Kroll talked to Fallon about a new character he will be introducing. Nick Kroll is pretty funny, on both The League and his own series.

Jimmy Fallon

Singer Bobby Shmurda performed after yet another commercial break on the Tonight Show. Shmurda sang his hit, Hot Boy, performing it with The Roots, the house band of the Tonight Show. It was Shmurda’s first time singing on TV. Bobby Shmurda was great at rapping and Fallon came onto the stage as the song finished, to give Shmurda a hug because he had done such a great job.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from the final commercial break of the evening, Fallon thanked all of his guests. Jada Pinkett Smith was awesome and she is great in the new series, Gotham. Then, Jimmy’s second guest, Nick Kroll, was very funny and he talked about the upcoming new season of The League and his own series. Rapper Bobby Shmurda wrapped up the Friday night episode of the Tonight Show and electrified the audience. The video of Jada Pinkett Smith playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie with Jimmy Fallon, is below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Jada Pinkett Smith Play Rock, Paper, Scissors and Pie

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Bobby SHmurda Official Site (learn the Smoney Dance there)

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