Jimmy Fallon Has Sting Sing ‘Sting Tones’ and Record Voice Message [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

Thursday is here and another great night of entertainment with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! His first guest of the evening was the man, the myth, the singing legend — Sting! His second guest was actor Jason Swartzman. Also performing on the Tonight Show was actress Rachel Tucker and the cast of the Broadway show, “The Last Ship.”

Jimmy Fallon began the Tonight Show this Thursday by warmly welcoming his guests. Then, he did his monologue, poking fun at people and events in the news. Some of the jokes Fallon said follow, somewhat paraphrased.

“Here’s what people are talking about. The fight against ISIS will be called ‘Operation Inherent Resolve.’ Unfortunately, two terrorists got away while they were thinking up the name. Another one they did not choice was ‘Operation: Cold Shoulder,” and another of them was ‘Operation: ISIS, ISIS Baby.'”

“This Ebola scare has everyone on edge. The CDC tried to say you can’t get Ebola from someone riding on public transportation. You can give it to someone, though.”

“Netflix just announced they will begin streaming all of the episodes of Friends next year, and Care Bears. I think Netflix might have gotten them mixed up though.” Fallon said, showing a clip of the Care Bears with the voices of the cast of Friends dubbed in.

“Clowns of America International is saying that American Horror Story is feeding into the fears of people about clowns, Jimmy Fallon said. “ISIS said, ‘Now, that’s a scary group!'”

“Vermont recently had its debate for governor. The way that works out is that everyone on the ballot is onstage for a debate. Fallon showed a clip of a very motley-looking group of eccentric individuals.

“Tomorrow night, Bradley Cooper will be here!” Jimmy Fallon said. “We’re going head-to-head in a game of Egg Russian Roulette! Tonight, one of the biggest rock stars on the planet is here, Sting, and he has brought the cast of his musical play, ‘The Last Ship,'” here! Actor Jason Swartzman, from Listen Up, Philip, will also be here!”

Now, it was time for the hashtag topic of the week. The topic was “Halloween Fail.” “Within 20 minutes it was a trending topic,” Jimmy Fallon said.

One of the responses went “Dressed up as a blue M&M a few years ago. When I was handing out candy, an old man asked if I was a Viagra.”

Another one was “I dressed up in 80s clothes and an old lady asked who I was. I said ‘I’m from the 80s.” She said ‘Me, too,’ and looked sad.”

Continuing, another person wrote “One year, my husband shaved his eyebrows to look like Dr. Evil. Then, he realized that Dr. Evil had eyebrows.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon did a fake Folgers Flavors commercial, but made it into a remixed electronic song. It was pretty cool! Right after that, a real Folgers commercial came on.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the evening, the bass player and singer from The Police — who has had many solo hits, as well — Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Sting! He is looking older, but he still has an awesome singing voice.

Sting is now almost completely bald-headed, but he can carry off the look. “Thank you for finally being on the show, officially!” Jimmy Fallon said.

Jimmy asked him how long it took for him to bring the show to the stage, and Sting answered “Five years.” The entire community would come out, Sting said, when he was a child to see the ships go down the streets where he lvied and then get launched.

“They built warships, cruise ships, and super liners,” Sting told Fallon, when he was asked what ships were built at the shipyards.

Sting got some very talented people to be in the cast. He said “I’ve been to every rehearsal and preview. I loved it.

He said he would bring songs to the people behind the show, and they would tell him “It’s good, but you need to work on it a bit more.” That was probably a humbling experience for Sting, but he wanted the songs to be perfect for the show, so he just kept on revising when he was asked to do so.

Jimmy Fallon asked Sting to sing his version of classic ringtones and he will sing them back in his own personal way. He called them “Sting Tones.” After he did Marimba, Fallon said “That sounded like a Police song.”

Jimmy Fallon said “We’re going to pick one person randomly from the audience and you’re going to personally record his outgoing message.” Fallon called out the winning seat number and the winner came up onto the stage. He was from Hungary.

Sting said “There’s a big crack in it there.”

“Yes, I dropped it,” he said.

Fallon asked “Once or twice?”

“Three times,” the man answered.

Sting recorded the outgoing message to The Police song Sending Out an S.O.S. He sang “Message on my voice mail, yeah!” It was freakin’ awesome! He still can hit the high notes just like he did when he was with The Police.

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, when the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest of the show, actor Jason Swartzman, from the movie, Listen Up, Philip. When Jason came onto the stage, Fallon hugged him before he took his seat.

“You’re here on a big night,” Fallon said “Sting is here!”

Jason said “I have a lot of history with the man. I was at a bar with friends, and across the room sitting at a booth, was Sting. He was looking at me. I have great eyes, especially in the night. I asked a friend if that was Sting and if he was looking over here. My friend said he had gotten out of the booth and he levitated out of the thing and walked over to us. He came over and said ‘Hello, I’m Sting. I just wanted to say I am a fan of your work.’ He floated away back to his booth and friends. I thought ‘that’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Sting doesn’t come to you; you go to Sting.”

Then, Jason talked about another experience in his life to Fallon. It was when he was jogging a few years ago. A man came up to him and said he was a fan and asked if he was still making music. He said “yes.” Then, the man handed him a lot of merchandise from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and said ‘Nice to meet you, Anthony.’ So, I had to say I was Anthony Kiedis, and I signed his stuff. I didn’t know even how to spell his last name, exactly. I do get approached sometimes, but usually when people think I am someone else.”

He asked Jimmy Fallon “Have you ever met Anthony Kiedis?”

Fallon said “Yes — he levitated out of his booth — I don’t want to get into it. I want people to go out and see your movie. But, I want to tell everybody that it’s not you, that the person in the movie is mean, and you’re actually nice.”

Jason said “This guy is miserable. I’m mean to him and to myself. It’s the ‘Feel Bad’ movie of the year. We made it in New York last year. It opens tomorrow.” He says he is on his way to give his girlfriend a signed book he has written. Fallon showed a clip from the movie. It looked like it will be a funny movie, but one with a somewhat dark and twisted sense of humor.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back, Rachel Tucker and the rest of the cast of The Last Ship sang a song Sting had written that is in the musical, If You Ever See Me Talking to a Sailor. It was a great, jazzy-sounding song in parts of it. “A sailor’s not a man not to be trusted,” was one of the lines in the song. “When the tide rolls out, he’s gone,” was another line. The scene was set in a bar. Rachel Tucker really got into it — the play looks like it will be fantastic.

After The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back, Fallon did not do much else, as the time was running out, but thank his guests. Sting, both with The Police and as a solo musical artist, has had a long career full of hits. Writing for Bradway must have come as a new and somewhat challenging experience to him, but if the rest of the musical is like the song Tucker sang, The Last ship will have a long, long run. Fallon’s second guest, actor Jason Swartzman, from Listen Up, Philip, was also very entertaining.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Has Sting Sing ‘Sting Tones’ and Record Voice Message

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