Jimmy Fallon Plays Charades With Ewan McGregor and Charles Barkley [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was back tonight, and new, after a week of repeats. Jimmy started the week off right, with some great guest, actor Ewan McGregor, with whom he played a game of Charades! Also included in the game was Fallon’s second guest, NBA great Charles Barkley! Also, Herbie Hancock sat in with the house band, The Roots, and the musical guest of the evening was the band, Wilco.

After a hilarious monologue, Jimmy Fallon mentioned that tomorrow night, actor Daniel Radcliffe would be a guest on the Tonight Show. He added that they “have something special planned” but he did not say what it was — could it possibly be an Ew! skit? That would be awesome, if so!

Jimmy Fallon said that “Ewan McGregor is stopping by. He’ll be in the play ‘The Real Thing.’ And, the great Sir Charles Barkley, the Round Mound of Rebound, will be here!”

Then, Fallon said that it was Monday and time to count down the most popular songs in the United States. “Number three on the charts is Bang Bang. The second one on the charts is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, while the number one song is All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor.”

Jimmy Fallon next mentioned the three songs that were at the bottom of the charts. He said that “At number 98 is The Monster, as sung by The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street,” and he played some of the song, which was kind of humorous.

“At number 99 is Bad Romance, as sung by Tom Brokaw,” Fallon said, playing some of that, also. “At number 100 is the Hokey-Pokey,” Jimmy continued, “as sung by Vladimir Putin.” He played parts of both of those songs, as well, and they were LOL funny.

Fallon introduced the first guest of the Tonight Show, actor Ewan McGregor. He said that McGregor will be making his Broadway debut in the upcoming play, “The Real Thing,” which will open on October 31.

Jimmy Fallon asked Ewan McGregor about various road trips he had been on, both by motorcycle and in cars. Fallon asked him about the last time he tried to drive cross–country in America in a car, saying “You rented a car –” and McGregor interrupted him, saying that he did not rent the car, he bought it.

McGregor related that he “ran out of petrol,” along the way, and vehicle zoomed by, ignoring his plight. Finally, a lady driving a motorcycle stopped and had a couple of “cans of petrol” to give him, and she did not recognize who he was, so he asked her if she knew who he was. After he told her about a couple of long-distance motorcycle riding documentaries he had made, she recognized him; but, not from his movies. He learned that her name was Madeline and since then, they have emailed each other and he sent her tickets to his upcoming play.

Ewan McGregor and Fallon then talked a bit more about the play “The Real Thing.” By what they mentioned about it, it should be a big hit. Fallon said that it would be the first Broadway play that McGregor’s been in and it will be the first one that Madeline has seen. The Tonight Show went to another commercial break, but when it returns, Fallon will play Charades with McGregor, Charles Barkley and Jeff Tweedy from Wilco.

From the band, Wilco, lead singer Jeff Tweedy was Ewan McGregor’s partner when they played Charades after the commercial break. Charles Barkley was Jimmy Fallon’s partner. Fallon explained the rules and Ewan McGregor began the game. He tried to get Jeff to guess Bride of Frankenstein. He has an odd manner of getting his clues across. Jeff did not get it correct.

Jimmy Fallon had to try Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He made movements like chops and kicks into the air like he was doing martial arts. Barkley said “Karate Kid,” but that was not correct. Barkley got ticked off, saying “That was your clue? That was awful!”

Jeff then tried to get across the phrase The Cat in the Hat. He was actually successful, and McGregor got the answer right!

Then, Charles Barkley tried to get across Ice Ice Baby to Jimmy Fallon. Barkley tried to act like he was freezing cold, but Fallon kept saying different liquor and was totally off-base. “That — that was awful,” Fallon said.

Then, Jimmy Fallon and Ewan both tried to get the movie title Titanic across to Jeff and Charles. Charles guessed correctly first, and Fallon claimed that his team won the game. After that, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from the break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest of the show, “My pal, Sir Charles Barkley!” The Roots played Ice, Ice Baby as he came out. He said to Jimmy Fallon “Now we know you suck at Charades.”

Barkley said he liked New York City, but he “would go crazy here.” He said that there would be too much there that might get him in trouble. Barkley said that he was there to see his daughter and talked about the exercise “spinning,” which he said was “just like riding a bike.” He said that he did Bikram Yoga, but all that it was “was stretching in a hot room. You’re not trying to find ‘inner peace,’ or anything, you’re just trying to put your leg in a position it’s never been in before.”

Barkley talked about purposefully trying to put on weight so he wouldn’t get drafted by Philadelphia. He tried to eat as much as he could so that they would not draft him, but they did select him, with the number five pick. “Now I’m poor and fat” he said he thought to himself.

“I’m so happy for LeBron,” Barkley said and he joked that he has seen Shaquile O’Neal all of the time, whenever he turns on his TV set. O’Neal is in quite a lot of commercials.

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break and when it came back, Jimmy Fallon introduced the musical guest of the show, Wilco, performing A Magazine Called Sunset. It was a pretty cool song! Jeff played an electric guitar as he sang. It was reminiscent of a song from maybe the 1960s. The audience erupted in applause as he finished singing the song off of his latest album.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays Charades With Ewan McGregor and Sir Charles Barkley

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