Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Wheel of Impressions’ With Kevin Spacey [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it is another terrific Friday night episode, and even better, a Halloween one! Kevin Spacey and Olivia Munn, who plays Sloan on HBO’s The Newsroom, were his guests during this special Halloween episode. Jimmy Fallon played the game Wheel of Impressions with Spacey. Comedians Kevin and Keith Lucas did a stand-up routine, also, that was LOL funny.

When Jimmy Fallon did his monologue, he had a surprise guest make an appearance — Michael Myers! First, he welcomed everyone to the Tonight Show and then began his monologue. He joked about LeBron James and his first appearance back with the Cavaliers, who lost to the Knicks.

Then, he made a couple of jokes about Ebola, including a way to introduce each other without using handshakes, by using “elbow bumps.” He also showed people from the cast of the Today Show, dressed up as Wayne’s World characters.

The Roots played a hip-hop version of the Hollywood theme song from Halloween, and that was when someone dressed up like Michael Myers came onto the stage and stared at The Roots as they sang. Then, he walked over to where Jimmy Fallon was and pulled out a cellphone to take a selfie with Fallon. “Michael Myers, everybody!” Fallon said. “That was very scary.”

“He doesn’t mean to be firghtening,” announcer Steve Higgins said.

“Get him outa here, man!” Jimmy Fallon said. “He’s scaring me too much!” But, he was laughing as he said that.

Then, it was time for Tonight Show Superlatives, a comedy bit in which Fallon showed pictures of NFL football players voted Most Likely To…do or be this thing or that thing, like in high school yearbooks. He said humorous things about the football players, but they were visual sorts of jokes.

“My man, Kevin Spacey is here!” Fallon said. “We’ll do a Halloween edition of Wheel of Impressions! Olivia Munn is here, and I will send out my Weekly Thank You Notes.”

Jimmy Fallon then said “Thank you, neighbors who give out apples for Halloween, saying basically ‘Here’s something to throw at our houses later.’ Thank you, Mounds candy bars, for being Almond Joys that have been neutered. Thank you, Daylight Savings Time, for kicking off that half of the year when the clock on my microwave is actually correct. Thank you, Circus Peanuts, for combining my two favorite flavors — chalk and stale cardboard,” Jimmy Fallon quipped, concluding his Weekly Thank You Notes. Then, the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

“Our next guest is great as Frank Underwood in House of Cards. Please welcome Kevin Spacey!” Jimmy Fallon said.

“I thought I’d walk out very slowly to try to scare you. I have a nice pumpkin tie, to go with my Pumpkin Latte,” Spacey said.

“Is there anything you can tell us about this season of House of Cards?” Fallon asked.

“I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you,” Spacey answered.

“I binge watch,” Fallon said. “Actually, I Benjamin Binge watch, by watching season six first and watching all of the episodes backwards.” Fallon said. Then, he showed a photo of Spacey as a teen, wearing a huge bow-tie.

“That’s a strong statement,” Spacey said.

“That’s a great bow-tie,” Fallon said. “Because it goes with nothing.”

Kevin Spacey then talked about doing the voice in the new Call of Duty: Advance Warfare video game. Fallon showed a clip from the game. The character that Spacey does the vocals for looked EXACTLY like him — the technology for these games is making them look more and more like real life unfolding before the eyes of the players.

Back from break, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Spacey played Wheel of Impressions. Pressing a button, Fallon said, will activate an Impression Generator. “All of the topics are Halloween themed,” Fallon said. Kevin Spacey had to do Johnny Carson, first, talking about Halloween costume parties. “This year, I decided I’m going to go as the scariest person in the world, my ex-wife,” he said.

Fallon had to do Dr. Phil, talking to Frankenstein’s monster and pretending to offer him advice. “You’re only a monster when you’re drunk,” he said.

Spacey had to do Christopher Walken and the topic was trick-or-treating. He did a little poem that was funny, the old one about “smell my feet” and “give me something god to eat” Next, Spacey did Michael Caine talking about candy corn.

Then, Spacey impersonated Bill Clinton, doing the theme for Ghostbusters. “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts,” he said.

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon welcomed his second guest, Olivia Munn, of HBO’s The Newsroom. Olivia immediately launched into a story about going to see a horserace and having her picture taken on the steed. She also talked about her mom taking the Bar exam and passing it and her brother about to become a master physicist. “I brought my mom and dad to see President Obama at the White House,” Olivia said.

Olivia mentioned that her parents talked aobut taking pictures , but not acknowledging that it was in front of the White House. Olivia said that “Biden was awesome and would talk to you just like the people who do impressions of him, taking to people really up close as he is still holding your hand.” She said that her step-dad said “It was so exciting today. I got to shake Obama’s hand and Old Biden.”

Olivia plays the character Sloan in The Newsroom. Olivia said “This season, we’re in a sort of impossible situation and we try to get out of it.”

Jimmy Fallon said “You told us nothing!” That was all that she had to say about it, though. It is a great series, and she was probably told not to give away any spoilers, but she really did not say anything much at all about the upcoming last season of The Newsroom.

After The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from another commercial break, Jimmy introduced the comedians Kevin and Keith Lucas. Tuesdays the have a show called Friends of the People on Comedy Central. They are brothers, and they sometimes talked at the same time. They joked that their father got a prison sentence of 25 years and they thought about all of the various crimes that would get somebody such a long sentence, deciding finally that the best of the possible choices would be that their father had committed murder.

Joking about the movie Space Jams, one said: “Some people say it’s the Citizen Kane of Space Jam movies.”

They talked about how Charles Barkley was convinced to act in Space Jams. One of them played Michael Jordan, phoning up the other, who was Charles Barkley. They were pretty funny!

The Michael one told the guy playing Barkley that Barkley’s team would have a lot of great basketball players, naming them off, like Larry Bird, for instance. Then, the Charles Barkley one asked Jordan who would be on his team, and the guy playing Jordan said “The Looney Tunes.”

The Charles Barkley character then pretended to get on the phone with Shaq saying “I think that Michael Jordan is on LSD.”

The comedy routine by the Lucas brothers ended the Tonight Show, except for when Jimmy Fallon thanked his guests, as he does at the end of every episode of the Tonight Show. The wonderful actor, Kevin Spacey, was Fallon’s first guest, talking about his series House of Cards and playing Wheel of Impressions with Jimmy Fallon. Then, the second guest on the show was actress Olivia Munn, who related some interesting anecdotes from her own life and talked a bit about her show, The Newsroom. The comedians Kevin and Keith Lucas concluded the show with a pretty funny routine, mostly about the movie, Space Jams. Be sure to tune in next week, to watch more episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and check back here to read the recaps!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Wheel of Impressions’ With Kevin Spacey

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