Jimmy Fallon Talks With Kristen Stewart About ‘Camp X-Ray’ [Video]

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Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, the host of the show, Jimmy Fallon, had on the show as his first guest actress Kristen Stewart (Camp X-Ray). His second guest was comedian Artie Lange, and the musical guest of the night was country music sensation, Jason Aldean. Jimmy Fallon also talked about board games on his “Do Not Game” list, involving a band member from the house band, The Roots, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, with a game called the Vanilla Ice Electronic Rap Game. Also, Nas sat in with The Roots and sang a bit of New York State of Mind.

Host Jimmy Fallon was met with a standing ovation when he walked out onto the stage. He warmly welcomed his audience and then began his monologue. Some jokes from the monologue follow, somewhat paraphrased:

“Here’s what people are talking about,” Fallon began. “Today is Putin’s 62nd birthday. He celebrated how he usually does, by having someone try his cake for him.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon joked about President Obama, “who faced the most difficult issues of our time.” He said “all presidents face the most difficult issues of their times.”

He made some jokes about Vice President Biden, also, showing him phoning a turkey instead of Obama. He and announcer Steve Higgins then talked about how the turkey answered the phone, and made fun of the segment.

Then, Fallon showed a clip of Tommy Chong from Dancing With the Stars saying “I really got into Tango when I was in jail.”

“Last week, a spokesman for the Taliban accidentally revealed where his location was in a Tweet.” He then did a couple of follow-up jokes, using the voice of a Middle Eastern type of person, saying “It was Throwback Thursday from a couple of years ago.”

At his desk, Jimmy Fallon said that the video he did with will.i.am. is trending on Billboard and is number 44 on iTunes. It is hilarious! Fallon said proceeds from the song go to charity. He asked people in the Comments section at YouTube to write the three things they think are Ew! He said that Robert Downey, Jr. will be on tomorrow’s show, then announced who tonight’s guests were.

Jimmy Fallon then looked at the Pros & Cons of joining the anonymous Facebook site. The jokes were pretty funny. It is strange how Facebook just does not seem to satisfy enough people anymore, if it ever did, really, so that they want to join yet another social media site that also might not really end up satisfying whatever it is they are looking for.

Back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon talked about his love of board games. He was really introducing board games that were “stinkers,” on his “Do Not Game” list. He said that they were real games.

The first one was The Sinking of the Titanic game. “With each turn,” Fallon said, “the ship sinks. After it sinks, you go on some tropical island adventures.” He read one card that mentioned being “attacked by hungry baboons.”

“This game is called Ring Around the Nosy,” Fallon said. Kids wear elephant masks complete with long trunks and they try to collect rings on the trunks.

“This one is Big Foot the game. “Big Foot was not a snow monster,” Fallon said. “That was a yeti. His hands are bigger than his feet — he ought to be called ‘Big hands,'” he said, checking out a toy Big Foot that came with the game.

“This last one is a Vanilla Ice Rap Game. It comes with a beat box machine. Then you read the rhymes.” Jimmy Fallon called Tariq to come over and handed him the microphone from the game. Tariq rapped, calling the rapping game “lame.”

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from another commercial break, Jimmy introduced his first guest of the evening, actress Kristen Stewart.

Jimmy Fallon showed the audience a copy of Elle magazine that had Kristen on the cover. He said she would be in the new movie, Camp X-Ray, a serious movie.” He said that she “found a new friend” while working on the movie — a dog.

Kristen mentioned a friend of hers that liked to play Frisbee Golf. He found the two dogs while playing Frisbee Golf and drove to her house to show her. She had two dogs already, but she decided to keep one of the two her friend brought, anyway. “She is the coolest dog in the world,” Kristen said.

Fallon said that Stewart plays a soldier at Guantanamo Bay and strikes up a friendship with one of the people incarcerated there. Fallon showed a clip from the movie, also starring John Lynch. Lynch confronts Stewart’s character and asks her about her friendship, which she, at first, denies.

Then, Jimmy asked Stewart to play the funky game he showed earlier, Ring Around the Nosy. She wore a green elephant mask and Fallon had on a blue one. He was the first to get a ring on his nose, so he won the game.

Jimmy Fallon

After yet another commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest on the Tonight Show, Artie Lange. “Our next guest has a stand-up special, Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure, that premieres next Thursday on Comedy Central,” Fallon said.

“I put on, like, 40 pounds to prepare for the elephant game. I’m a method actor,” Lange said.

“Everyone is getting healthy, The Giants have a gluten-free hot dog stand now,” Lange said.

He then talked about going to a concert, saying “Atlantic City is the one place a man can still be a man,” Lange talked about going to see The Rolling Stones at Atlantic City and a security guard who told him he could not have a cigarette.

“I bet you a thousand dollars Keith Richard has a cigarette,” Lange said. After less than two minutes, Lange said that Richards had a cigarette in his mouth. The security guard gave him $2,000 in chips and Lange said that he then lost over $20,000 on top of that.

Lange talked about having been both in jail and mental institutions. He said he preferred being in jail because people in mental institutions do not always think clearly about things. Lange verged on the edge of PG-13 with a couple of his comments, though he was pretty funny, and Fallon did his best to prevent Lange from getting too “blue.”

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show returned from another break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his musical guest of the evening, country western singer Jason Aldean. Aldean is currently on a tour to support his latest album, just released today, Old Boots, New Dirt. He sang a song off of the album, Just Gettin’ Started. Aldean rocked the place out! The song is the first track on his album. Aldean sang it earlier today on the Today show. October 9, he will be performing in Erie, Pennsylvania, on his tour.

It was another terrific episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday. Fallon thanked his guests, and that marked the end of the show. Actress Kristen Stewart, Fallon’s first guest, talked with him about her latest dog and latest movie, the tension-packed flick Camp X-Ray. Artie Lange, his second guest, has been on the show before and he was funny, as usual. He will have a comedy special on Comedy Central next week, Artie Lange: The Stench of Failure. Jason Aldean, Fallon’s musical guest, closed out the show with an incredible performance of Just Gettin’ Started.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Camp X-Ray Official Trailer #2 (2014)

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