Just Clowning Around Halloween This Year?

Clowning Around

As Halloween night of this year comes to an end, the news provides us with a just reminder that the clowns were around in spades, as reports of scares, arrests, and hauntings have been taking control of the news for the last couple of weeks. For residents in many places across the world, people were clowning around through neighborhoods giving people a scare and stirring up problems with the justice system. As if that were not enough to spark Coulrophobia, television also came up with some new characters to spark costume ideas. In fact, there may have almost been as many clowns this year as their were Frozen characters.

Clowns have always been a rather frightening thing. Even birthday party clowns miss their glory as people often find them creepy. However this year it was scary ones that were taking center stage and residents of many areas grew concerned. The uproar started out in Southern California when a subject, known as the “Wasco Clown” started posing for pictures in random places throughout the town. Though the idea supposedly started with a husband and wife photographer team, who just thought it was a great photo opp, the creepy characters suddenly started coming around every corner. Shortly after one appeared in Wasco, so did many others, however, these others were not just clowning around, as they thought it would be funnier to carry around axes, machetes, baseball bats and other weapons.

Once the creepy, weapon wielding, clowns began to haunt the town the police decided it was time to get involved. They began terrorizing children in the town, making them subjects of horrible pranks. When the police finally caught one of them the town was very interested to learn that they were teenagers who simply thought it would be funny to carry weapons and scare people. Silly kids.

So when clowns began haunting a town in France, authorities were not as kind. According to sources, they lurked in the town of Agde, and were also a bunch of teenagers. They started haunting France at around the middle of October, also carrying weapons, and they frightened people passing by, according to police. However, things got serious when one child was actually cut on the hand as he was supposedly defending himself from a teenager clowning around with an axe. Little did police know that it was only the beginning.

Pranks continued from vigilante clowns as the month went by. There were robberies, organized crime clown groups, chainsaw wielding ones that visited a school, and much more clowning around. But these clowns did not stay in California or France. There were also people clowning around in Spain, England, and Italy. Though France chose to ban clown costumes (for the months of October and November), after the pranks began, other countries have not yet taken much action, other than local police.

So why were there so many creepy clowns committing crime? The French police are blaming the clowning around on social media and videos, and rightfully so. Clowns have been a major part of entertainment this year. Though the past has seen It, and Killer Clowns From Outer Space, this year saw “Twisty” from American Horror Story: Freak Show, the new season of the dreadfully frightening FX show. This provided inspiration for those who wished to dress up like killer clowns. There were also numerous foreign videos such as Le Monde and the YouTube Killer Clown Scare Prank video, all of which the French police blamed the epidemic on. As they also stated social media was to blame, it is rather easy to see how information that travels faster than lightening, can spark a weapon wielding, crime doing clown mob in several parts of the world.

Though many of the clown vigilantes claim that they were just clowning around, residents of cities around the world really got a scare from the creepy epidemic. Now that Halloween is over, will the clowns be over too or do killer clowns live longer than the season?

Opinion by Crystal Boulware


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