Katherine Heigl Still Getting Adult Entertainment Rumors


The beautiful and talented actress, Katherine Heigl, has had some fun in the last two weeks blushing over rumors that she is now in the adult entertainment business. Though these rumors are not true, it has caused much for the media and social media to talk about. Especially since the actress had not been on a television show since she left Grey’s Anatomy in the year 2010,  leaving many saying that the adult entertainment business was her next big thing. Though no one is denying that she looks good on camera, especially male fans, many were wondering what her next big move would actually be.

As it turns out she is returning to the film industry, just not the adult one. The show she is currently filming is State of Affairs, in which she will play a CIA analyst that works with the president on taking care of international security issues. The premiere of the show is suppose to be on Nov. 17 on NBC, where Katherine Heigl will have one of the main roles.

While shooting a sexy scene for the new show, it is said that things got interesting. Heigl was in bed with actor, Mark Tallman, who will play a character named Aaron Payton. As Heigl and Tallman were mostly naked, she said her “supportive crew” then stripped their shirts off, as they all posed for a picture, and posted it on Instagram. (You gotta love those film crews!) The picture quickly spread across the web, along with the rumors.

This picture is what warranted the rumors that she was moving into the adult entertainment business. The rumors were mostly just for fun as fans on social media began commenting on her nude pic, surrounded by nude guys. She told a reporter that she loved the fact that her crew was so supportive and so much fun to work with. She said that they “shed their shirts in solidarity” and that she loved them all. Though Katherine has been said to be “difficult” to work with in the past, the picture seems to show that the crew who worked together on filming the upcoming NBC show had much fun, though the actress has stated that she has had fun working on other television shows in the past, as well (despite being “difficult”).

In her role on Grey’s Anatomy as the doctor/surgeon, Izzie Stevens, her character fell in love with Denny Duquette before he died and married Alex Karev, only after she got cancer and left, along with a whole lot of other drama in between. Fans of Heigl are hoping that her character in the new television show will have a bit better luck. Since she left Grey’s Anatomy, she has had success on the big screen in movies like Killers, Life as We Know It, The Big Wedding and more.

Though rumors have been going around that Katherine Heigl is in the adult entertainment industry now, according to the actress her name will not be on any porn titles, anytime soon. Though she has sported some less than dressed scenes in her movies and television shows before, it seems her nude pic featured on Instagram was just fun. For fans who were secretly hoping that the rumors were true, it seems that disappointment only awaits, though fans can get excited to see Heigl in her new role on State of Affairs starting in November.

By Crystal Boulware


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