‘Labyrinth’ Sequel a Good or Bad Move?


The Jim Henson company has announced that the sequel to the film Labyrinth is officially in the beginning stages of development and one must question if this is a good or bad move on their part. The original film, starring musician David Bowie and Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly was received as a major flop at the box office, but proved to garner an immense cult following upon its home video release.

The plot line of the first Labyrinth followed a very young Connelly who played a teenage girl, Sarah. Sarah was faced with the challenge of having to rescue her infant brother from the likes of the wicked Goblin King, Jareth, played by Bowie. Sarah’s trials entail her traversing through a treacherous maze, hence the Labyrinth, that must be conquered within 13 hours if she is to save her brother.

The report of a sequel has made no confirmation of whether or not either Connelly or Bowie will be reprising their roles. Fans have received the news with mixed feelings, garnering excitement for a potential second masterpiece, but only if they see the return of the beloved anti-hero Goblin King. Bowie has delved very little in the acting world since his performance in Labyrinth and hardly at all in recent years. Past appearances post-Labyrinth include supporting roles in films like The Prestige or cameo appearances as himself in Zoolander. Bowie has focused much of his energy solely on his music career, although it is believed that the star would show much interest in returning as the Goblin King.

Connelly has won herself an Academy Award for her performance in A Beautiful Mind since her portrayal of Sarah. As a more finely-tuned actress, Connelly has potential to bring a large emotional gravitas to Sarah that may have been unseen previously. Now that the actress is much older, her character has the option to have children of her own, giving possibility to a new challenge of saving her offspring from the likes of Bowie’s villainous character.

The Jim Henson company has been hard at work rebooting some of its most memorable efforts for modern day. Before a Labyrinth sequel is released, Henson fans will see a feature film based on the popular children’s TV show Fraggle Rock. One of Henson’s more adult films featuring his signature puppets, The Dark Crystal, is also scheduled to receive its long-awaited sequel.

Although the great Jim Henson himself has long since passed away, the company is still run by the Henson family as his adult children, Brian Henson and Lisa Henson now call the shots. The company is doing much more than reproducing its prior work. A newly animated film based on a popular children’s book entitled Which Witch will be created by the company and reportedly has Hollywood veteran Billy Crystal signed on to produce, write and even star in. Crystal is known widely for his iconic voiceover work as Mike Wazowski in the Monsters films by Pixar, so his talent would lend itself over very well to the Henson company.

While fans debate on whether a Labyrinth sequel is a good or bad move by Henson, they will be preoccupied by the rising success the company is currently experiencing. Perhaps, if the Henson children remain on their current track, fans have no need to fear a flopped sequel to one of the greatest 1980’s cult classics.

By Cody Collier


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