Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Have Number One Album

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga shares Billboard‘s number one album honors with Tony Bennett, whose Cheek to Cheek album is selling like proverbial hotcakes. The Mother Monster has sung a duet with Bennett, 88, in the past, The Lady is a Tramp, from 2011; but, never an entire album, like with Cheek to Cheek.

The album is a Jazz one, which might seem unusual, at first blush, to expect from Lady Gaga, whose own albums seem to be the furthest type of music away from Jazz as possible. Yet, Lady Gaga loves many different genres of music, including heavy metal, and she has been a fan of Bennett’s for years, so the idea that they would collaborate on an album of duets is really not that strange, at all.

With Cheek to Cheek, Tony keeps the distinction that he set with his album, Duets II, of being the oldest person ever to have a number one album on the Billboard charts. Bennett was a mere youngster three years ago when Duets II was number one on the chart, at just the tender age of 85.

Besides the title track, other songs on the Tony Bennett collaboration with Lady Gaga include I Won’t Dance, Lush Life, It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing), But Beautiful and Let’s Face the Music and Dance. Though the album is made up of well-known standards, the magic that Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett create on it has propelled Cheek to Cheek to become the number one album in America. It probably did not hurt, either, that Jimmy Fallon had Tony Bennett on a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and urged everyone to make it the next number one album in the country, as happened with Barbra Streisand’s Partners after she appeared on the show.

Lady Gaga has hinted in a Vanity Fair interview that her next album will be a sort of sequel to Artpop, though one that is more “experimental.” But, after that, it could be her next album will be one in which she sings Led Zeppelin songs. This possibility was raised by an article that a reporter for Take 40 wrote. It is not out of the realm of logic, as she has stated in a Reddit interview that the group was one of her big inspirations.

Until then, though — if it ever happens — she and Tony Bennett are enjoying the success and money that has come from their collaboration, Cheek to Cheek. They have both been booked to sing a song from Cheek to Cheek on an upcoming episode of the BBC series, Strictly Come Dancing, and will sing live on it this October 19th, according to Telly Mix.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have both achieved remarkable successes in their lives in the past, but few people would have imagined that they would one day both share the same number one album in the United States. That has happened, though, with Cheek to Cheek, in the album’s debut week on the Billboard charts. How long the album will remain in that much-coveted spot is anybody’s guess.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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