Maleficent Joining ‘Disney Infinity’ [Video]


The famous horned villainess from the classic animated film Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, is joining the cast of the new open-world creation video game Disney Infinity. The dark fairy is supposedly a highly anticipated playable character within the game that fans of the title are just dying to get their hands on.

The sorceress is depicted in Disney Infinity as the more humanized-version of the character created by Angelina Jolie in the latest live-action film about the wicked enchantress. The original 1959 green-skinned version of Maleficent that is more commonly known will reportedly not make an appearance in the game, but some of that particular version’s powers will be made available for use.

Maleficent Figure for ‘Disney Infinity’.

One may question why a character would be playable only after the release of the designated video game. The reasoning for this is that Disney Infinity has a great number of vinyl figures that represent numerous characters that are used to play in the game. By setting whatever desired character figure on the game’s base, players take control of the virtual version of that character. The game has a line of characters that are gradually released throughout the year. This is a very smart marketing move as the tactic has proven to be an easy way to keep the game relevant.

It has been stated that Angelina Jolie herself had a say in the design of Maleficent’s vinyl figure. The character is seen donning the long black cloak and spiked neckpiece that is worn in the live-action film’s famous christening scene. The Maleficent film revealed the fairy to have long locks of hair, but alas it remains unseen in the figure as the hair is tightly tucked underneath the black leather straps that bind the sorceress’s horns as well.

The gameplay that users will experience with Maleficent is said to be very entertaining. Stated as one of the most powerful playable characters in the game, the enchantress makes use of her dark magic as an epic offensive attack. Special abilities also include the summoning of ravens to do one’s bidding, creating a bushel of thorny branches to ward off enemies and even casting an epic wave of green dragon fire – an ode to the original animation.

One very intriguing fact that was introduced in the Jolie version was that the fairy did indeed posses a rather majestic pair of wings before she became the wicked woman audiences know her to be. Disney Infinity stays true to the new involvement of the sorceress’s flight abilities by allowing players to access her wings and take flight all across the world within the game. This inclusion of Maleficent’s wings was almost nonexistent up until the last minute when game developers decided to make the horned fairy an even more marketable tool for Disney Infinity.

With Maleficent joining Disney Infinity fans of the games and the films, alike, will be nothing short of ecstatic to take hold of the mistress of all evil. The Maleficent figure will be available on Nov. 4 and a video of the character in action can be viewed below.

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By Cody Collier

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