Massachusetts Suspect in Child Rape Case Arrested


A Massachusetts suspect wanted in connection with an alleged child rape case has been arrested. Gregory Lewis was wanted in connection to a national crime spree which included sexual assaults, armed robberies and kidnappings. Lewis was originally arrested on Aug. 5 and arraigned the next day. At the time he was arraigned, he was charged with four counts of felony child rape. After the arraignment, Lewis was released on bail and ordered to wear a GPS tracking anklet. On Sept. 15, police learned that Lewis had escaped custody by cutting off his GPS monitoring anklet.

After escaping Massachusetts, Lewis headed to North Carolina, where he is accused of assaulting a woman. Five days after his escape, police say Lewis was also spotted in Kentucky. The next time he was spotted following his escape was upon his return to his Massachusetts hometown. The suspect returned to his home a few days later and apparently tied and beat up his own stepfather before stealing his gun and more than 200 rounds of ammunition. Lewis once more fled and had been on the run since. At the time of his escape, he was considered to be armed and dangerous. When police found Lewis’ stepfather, he was described as having been restrained with a metal shackle.

After leaving his stepfather’s Massachusetts home, Lewis was seen in Connecticut at a convenience store. Since fleeing his bail in September, Lewis is accused of at least six more sexual assaults across the country. He was seen in states such as Oregon, Colorado, Utah and Idaho. A number of his victims were women that he arranged to meet in hotels after hooking up online. The women were then handcuffed, robbed, threatened with the gun he had stolen and sexually assaulted.

Prior to the suspect’s arrest in conjunction with his child rape case, the Massachusetts man told people that he planned to kill the 13-year-old victim who originally accused him of rape. The manhunt for Lewis came to an end after a New York State trooper tried to pull him over for a missing license plate. Instead of Lewis pulling over, a police chase ensued when he tried to flee from police. The chase ended when Lewis crashed the vehicle he was driving into the Hudson River.

Witnesses say that Lewis emerged from the sinking car with his gun out and held it on a witness who attempted to help him following the crash. Lewis then tried to flee on foot until a police dog found him about 20 minutes later. Local police and state troopers surrounded Lewis and took him into custody. The gun that Lewis had on him is a match for the one that was stolen from his stepfather. When the suspect was finally apprehended, he was only 165 miles from the Massachusetts hometown of the teenager he allegedly raped.

Now that the police have arrested Lewis, the suspect in several sexual assault cases that include a child rape will be held in a jail in New York until he can be extradited to Massachusetts. A crime spree and manhunt that has lasted over a month has finally come to an end.

By Kimberley Spinney



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