Milk Intake Could Lead to Early Death in Women


A new research report has found that high milk intake could lead to early death in women. Milk has often been called a tonic for strong bones, but the new study proposes that such ideas might only be correct to a specific point. The research was printed up in the Oct. 28 edition of The British Medical Journal and it puts forward the idea the drinking three glasses of milk or more each day could double the chance of women dying in 20 years, when equaled to drinking one glass or less daily.

Swedish scientists have discovered that sugars in milk, which contain part lactose, increase oxidative stress and create inflammation in the body. Investigational evidence in a number of different animal species showed that continuing exposure to galactose can accelerate aging and shrink lifespan. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) endorses three daily glasses of milk for sustaining a healthy blood pressure, reducing the chance of cardiovascular disease, helping protect from colorectal cancer and enhancing protein for to build muscle mass.

However, the scientists stated that their research might bring into question the soundness of the recommendations to drink such high amounts to prevent bone fractures. The investigation concentrated on the link of fissures with general mortality and the drinking of milk, not on any connections to cardiovascular disease. There has been no conclusive evidence that shows whether milk is good or bad for heart health, but a 2005 research report showed that consumption appeared to show a link with decreasing stroke and heart disease. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared that low fat, calcium rich and nonfat milk are able to lessen the chance of osteoporosis in females, who have more of a risk for coming down with the disease.

A questionnaire was sent out to volunteers and they reported their average intake of nearly 100 common foods and beverages, which included dairy goods. Scientists took the applicants’ lifestyles, marital statuses, height, weight and education levels into account, and they studied the individuals’ breakage and mortality amounts through national registers. After the preliminary survey, researchers supervised the females for 20 years and the males for 12 years.

Scientists discovered that consuming three or more glasses of the beverage a day was connected to a 52 percent bigger risk of hip fissure and a higher possibility of mortality among women. There was a comparable inclination among men who drunk high amounts, but the effects appeared to be less evident.

The researchers stated that the study results needed to be inferred cautiously because of the observational scheme of how the research report was set up. The study only revealed possible association and more studies will be needed in the future before any sort of dietary endorsements are changed. The drinking of milk might begin to grow across the globe as economic expansion occurs. The increase of animal based products as foods sources are a very real possibility. Therefore, it needs to be discovered if milk really does play a role in mortality and it should be established as soon as possible.

By Kimberly Ruble


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