Nicholas Brendon Arrested After Hotel Disturbance

Nicholas Brendon

Nicholas Brendon has been arrested after a hotel disturbance. The full reasons are still unclear, but it happened after the Comic Con in Boise, Idaho.

The actor is best known for his role as Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who as one of Buffy’s best friends from the very beginning of the show. That was his first acting role, and he has had many smaller roles since then. Most recently, he has been a recurring guest character in Criminal Minds, originally a love interest for computer genius Penelope Garcia. He has also had roles in Private Practice and Without a Trace, but none have been as prolific as his first ever role.

Police claim that Brendon showed signs of intoxication during the disturbance. He reportedly refused to follow commands that the officers were giving him, including to remain seated while they talked to witnesses. He was then taken for obstructing and resisting against the police’s investigation.

According to the hotel staff in Boise, the actor has broken one of the decorative dishes, and staff would like to press charges against him. He has since been charged with the misdeamenors of maliciously injuring property and obstructing or resisting officers. Police have not yet ruled out any other charges against the actor.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actor was in Boise for the first annual convention. His assistant had tweeted on his Twitter profile to tell his fans to come to the Tree City Comic Con. The same assistant has since tweeted to inform fans that Brendon is well after the arrest for the hotel disturbance. No other details have yet been mentioned either by his reps or the police.

This last month has been full of ups and downs for the star. He married just weeks ago to Moonda Tee. They married in Las Vegas just a week after he proposed to her. He used his Twitter account to announce the upcoming wedding to his fans, which seems to have been a little impromptu. The two were snapped together without all the traditional bells and whistles, but Tee did wear a white dress and veil.

Brendon has a history of run-ins with the law. In 2010, he was tasered and accused of being intoxicated. During that time he was charged with four different misdemeanours, including resisting arrest and vandalism. He was also charged with two counts of police battery.

It also seems that he has a history of alcohol addiction. He has tried rehab on two occasions. The first was in 2004 and the second was in 2010. The second instance included sleeping pill addiction.

For this arrest, the police were called due to a disturbance in the lobby of his hotel room. This was at around 10:40pm when the actor was arrested. Except for the alleged decorative dish being broken, there is no other news about the arrest. The police are still speaking to witnesses, and that may lead to new arrests. Brendon’s arrest all started because of the hotel disturbance, but it could mean another trip back to rehab for the actor.

By Alexandria Ingham



The Daily Mail


Photo credit: CC-3.0 Luigi Novi

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