Oklahoma Teen Confesses to Murder of His Family



An Oklahoma teen confesses to the triple murder of his family after the family housekeeper discovered three bodies on Monday morning in a rural Oklahoma town. She found a local newspaper publisher, his wife and their teenage daughter, who were all dead in their home. This caused the Oklahoma police to look for the one surviving member of the family, Alan Hruby, 19.

It was late Tuesday evening when Hruby allegedly confessed to the three killings and reported gave the authorities a very good layout of events as to what went down. He supposedly took responsibility for the slayings of his father, John Hruby, 50, his mother, Katherine, 48,  and his sister, also named Katherine, 17.

It was reported that a daughter of the housekeeper called Hruby on a cell phone and got him to come to his house. He proceeded to go with State Troopers in the town of Duncan, to the local police station to listen to their initial stages of the investigation. It was obvious he was in a lot of distress, stated the Police Chief Danny Ford. He also explained that Hruby got extremely upset.

However, sometime during the conversation, when the teenager was talking about the last time he was with his family and where he had been, the police noticed discrepancies in his story. There were various things he was talking about and different timelines were not corresponding with the information that they had been given by other individuals, stated the police chief.

One agent recalled that the teen, who was attending classes at the University of Oklahoma, which was nearly 80 miles away, was a suspect in an unresolved stolen-check offense. That gave them reason to take him into custody for the night and keep him for questioning. Chief Ford exclaimed that the Hruby family was well liked and very well known. He stated how John had grown up in the town and graduated from Duncan High School. His daughter was a junior there this year, and the Hrubys were known by everybody. They were a very popular family in the town, with John being the newspaper publisher, everyone knew them.

The Stephens County District Attorney stated that the murders happened Thursday, when Alan shot the three victims with a 9mm pistol that had been reported as stolen previously that day by his father. The teen also said he owed $3,000 to a loan shark, and believed that killing his family would produce an inheritance so he would be able to pay the debt. It was reported that after he allegedly performed the murders, Hruby disposed of the gun by throwing it in a lake.

The prosecutor in the case said he was seriously considering the death penalty in the case for the murder charges. He also noted that Hruby had taken off and stayed this past weekend in Dallas, where he spent his time at the Ritz-Carlton. This actually violated the probation he had with the stolen-check offense, so he will also have that added onto his list of offenses.

By Kimberly Ruble


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