Rainbow Nation of South Africa Affirms Ignorance and Inaction

Rainbow Nation

Will the future generations of the rainbow nation condemn the current African National Congress (ANC) government of South for the ignorance and inaction of not achieving any value to the country? There is the continued frustration of knowing what the ANC government must do and their lack of action. The knowing and doing seem to have two different values, leaving citizens frustrated. The failure of service deliveries by the ANC government causes the rainbow nation constant annoyance and deterioration of building anything of value for future generations. The ANC knows what to do, have the potential and resources to expand on the value but never seem to invest in the action of realization.

The different cultures within the South African rainbow nation are not united. There is the constant diverse and often different directions ethnic groups move in. The past and present history of South Africa is a metaphor used to divide the rainbow nation and not unite the country. Persistent tension arises from the political and ethical variations of inaction.

Cultural identity and memories of past historical context are exploited by the current rulers who cause division among the rainbow nation. Building the nation and allowing ethnic groups to understand the recent history of South Africa changes continually.

South Africa fabricates the reconciling of all the citizens as a rainbow nation. There is no strong ethical structure to ensure each different culture has the benefit of understanding the historical context of identity. The martyrs, who shaped the country, built a foundation for future generations should be etched into the memory of the population.

The government allows the education system to shape the minds of the learners by rewriting history and ignoring or erasing the core foundation of South Africa. Afrikaans is historically a base foundation of South Africa and on the brink of being eliminated through the education system. It is the Afrikaners who brought South Africa into history, yet it is now frowned upon. The future generations will have a new history etched into their minds, and the real foundation of South Africa will be a fabricated tale.

Ignorance and inaction stem from the ANC government are allowing the rainbow nation to divide widely into strangers within the borders of South Africa. There is no challenge of reconciliation and truth between the different ethnic groups. Cultures are isolated and no reconciliation is anticipated. Expanding on political sentiment rather than nation building are the core elements of the ANC government.

History may be rewritten for the benefit of the state and future generations, yet South Africa is rated as the one of the highest crime capitals of the world. The ongoing murders, farm attacks and genocide of the white population continue to dominate the media with little or no attention from political parties. Hence, the dominant ethnic groups gain momentum and grasp the current ignorance and inaction as historical memories. The government has failed the rainbow nation of South Africa and must consider the consequences of ignorance and inaction.

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), rips the fabrication of the rainbow nation apart with direct radical demands. Malema repeatedly reminds the people of their unjust past during the apartheid years. Malema casts the Afrikaner and white minority as the demons of historical injustices of the majority. It is not only the land reform; it is the nationalization, race and language that Malema dominates the minds of different ethnic groups, allowing division to increase.

The rainbow nation of South Africa does not stand as witnesses to the full truth of historical past and present structure. Malema’s clothing is the only rainbow in the South African rainbow nation. The inaction and ignorance of the government do not unite South Africa.

Opinion by Laura Oneale


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