Reba McEntire’s Father Clark Passes Away


Clark McEntire, Reba McEntire’s father, has died. The McEntire’s family patriarch reportedly passed away in the evening of Oct. 23 in the town of Coalgate, Okla. That was the news given to the media by Reba’s younger sister Susie McEntire.

The 86-year-old Clark leaves behind his wife Jacqueline, three daughters, Reba, Alice and Susie and a son, Pake. He passed away three years after suffering a severe stroke. In fact, at the time of his stroke he had such a long stay in the hospital that the family was actually in the planning stages of his funeral three separate times before he was able to eventually able to pull through his illness.

It was on Friday that the country music star sent out a special message about her father. It said that he had passed away on Thursday in Coalgate at 11 p.m. Reba explained that he had been in a nursing home for quite a long time and that she and her family were very thankful that Clark was not going through any more suffering. She stated that he had been a cowboy born and bred all the way through his life, and even though he had been sick for many years, everything made sense to her now. She explained how he had always told her family never to run their horses to the barn. She said he was basically doing the same thing when he died, and just taking his time to go home.

Clark had been a four-time winner of the World Championship Steer Rodeo in the 1950s and 1960s. He was instated into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in the late 1970s. That was about the same time that his famous singer daughter put out the song entitled Daddy on her Out of a Dream album. The song details Clark’s life story. He had a major influence on Reba’s life, and she showed him her accolade by performing the song. It was the second single released from the album.

Besides the announcement from Reba’s sister, there was also a post on McEntire’s verified Twitter account that stated her father had died on Thursday evening in Oklahoma. Funeral home director Eddie Brown, who is located in the nearby city of Atoka, also verified the McEntire’s death. He stated that Clark had been in failing health since he suffered the stroke some years back.

On Reba’s Instagram account she repeated what she had said about her father being “born and bred a cowboy.” She also again stated that she was so thankful that he did not have to suffer any longer and that he was out of pain. The post included a photo of her father while he was on horseback. The funeral home director stated that there would be services this upcoming Wednesday.

It was just earlier in the week that Reba had become the first artist to sign up with the Nash Icon Music record label. She is scheduled to release new music sometime next year.

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