Scorpion: True Colors (Review)



In this week’s episode of Scorpion: True Colors looks once again at the complexities of Walter O’Brien’s socially inept group of geniuses and two minders, Agent Gallo and Ralph’s mother Paige. Cabe Gallo, played by Robert Patrick continues to fluctuate between believing in the group of misfits and getting exasperated when they do not react as they should to things around them. Paige, played by Katherine McPhee is still trying to teach Walter how to be more “human” and relying on the high IQ geniuses to help her own special son, another high IQ “sufferer” who has trouble fitting in.

Each episode, thus far, shows one, or two, of the team growing in their ability to interact normally with other people who are not in the upper stratosphere of IQ quotient. In this episode, the team are hired to protect valuable artwork. At the beginning of the show, the Scorpion crew are surrounded by devastation and Agent Gallo’s boss is in the middle of dressing them down yet again. He orders a psychological evaluation of the entire team, Paige included, and until they satisfactorily pass the eval, O’Brien’s team are suspended from performing their duties.

The show switches between the psyche exam and the past events which lead to the team being examined by Dr. Cassandra Gail, played by Shohreh Aghdashloo, who must determine if the Scorpion members are not hiding their true colors of mental difficulties behind the facade of genius. The jumping between time periods works well in this episode and flows smoothly enough to not be confusing to viewers.

This episode follows the same formula of “Walter knows best” which the entire series uses as its basis. When the team is hired to protect the priceless paintings, O’Brien destroys the key exhibit within seconds of the team arriving at the museum. After explaining that the masterpiece was a forgery, which makes no difference as the group are still fired after Walter’s stunt, Gallo takes the team to meet Hetty Lange, played by Linda Hunt, who can help the Scorpion team to track down the original painting.

It is worked out that the forgery was made with a machine capable of high resolution replication. Sylvester explains that Galactic Toys have the equipment available to create the forgery and once the team arrive at the factory, he is made to wait in the van while Gallo goes to arrest the painter responsible. The team notice the suspect jumping from a window and Walter runs after the escaping forger while Happy drives the van to cut him off.

The rest of the show deals with the psyche eval, Ralph getting the crew to attend a Halloween party with him and the original painting being returned to its rightful owners by the Scorpion crew. It is decided by Dr. Gail that the gang have all passed their exam and that Walter has created a safe, familial environment for the dysfunctional group to feel normal in and he himself has learned to exhibit more “normal” behaviour by helping his friends and employees to cope. In essence, it is the same message that is projected in pretty much every episode of Scorpion. Presumably the next show in the series, despite the catastrophe of the week, will have the same theme. Scorpion airs Mondays on CBS.

By Michael Smith