‘Sleeping Beauty’ Returns to the Limelight

sleeping beauty

One of the most beloved stories of classic literature is that of the Brothers Grimm’s tale of Sleeping Beauty which has now returned to the mainstream media limelight. The story has been a featured topic in the past year and will continue to serve as so for a good while longer.

In May of 2014, the film Maleficent was released, starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie as the title role. Maleficent served as the main antagonist in the original Disney classic cartoon of Sleeping Beauty and has since then been noted as the most famous of all villains from the Disney vault. The film Maleficent served as a crossover-type of film, telling the famous story from the point of view of the villain herself, who turned out to be not quite as villainous as one was originally lead to believe.

The 1959 Disney version of Sleeping Beauty has recently been re-released on Blu-Ray and DVD, entitled Sleeping Beauty: Diamond Edition. The new installment features a finely-tuned remastered version of the original footage. The newly remade version is stated to possess a stunning high definition quality that brings forth many fine details in the film that viewers may not have noticed when watching their half-a-century-old editions of Sleeping Beauty.

Renown fantasy author Neil Gaiman is also slated to produce a new novel featuring the likes of the famous sleeping heroine. Gaiman’s new book The Sleeper and the Spindel will also include an additional famous storybook princess known as Snow White. The author is collaborating with artist Chris Riddell who will lend his talents over to the novel’s numerous illustrations.

The storyline of Gaiman’s book is said to have a darker twist on the well-known tale, but also feature many modern and feministic themes. One topic of interest on the book is that the famous sleeping princess will not be woken by the likes of a kiss from a prince, but rather by a kiss from a queen – Snow White as a matter of fact. The novel also features an illustration of said kiss which has much to be said about it, as material such as this has not formerly been very present to young readers. The book will be available for purchase beginning Oct. 23.

In addition to the recreation of the tale in Maleficent, Sleeping Beauty will get its very own revamped live-action film, but may be much darker and far more adult than anything Disney has had to offer the story. Dracula: The Dark Prince director Pearry Teo is scheduled to helm The Curse of Sleeping Beauty which reportedly has Underworld: The Awakening actress India Eisly taking on the title role. The director states that his version of the acclaimed tale will draw inspiration from the likes of Pan’s Labyrinth, Silent Hill and Insidious, three very gruesome and heavy films in comparison to former Sleeping Beauty adaptations.

With Sleeping Beauty returning to the limelight in the world of entertainment, one must be curious if Hollywood will begin to grasp more fairytales and twist them around in a new style of creation. The same has been done in recent years with the likes of Snow White and audiences are scheduled to receive a new Cinderella remake in 2015. Perhaps there are some stories that simply never grow old.

By Cody Collier

Hollywood Reporter

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