Sleepy Hollow an Evil Pied Piper (Review)

Sleepy Hollow an Evil Pied Piper (Review)

Sleepy Hollow continues to amuse and combine action with Biblical references and now an evil pied piper, one not, as Ichabod says, from Hamelin. This magical piper had more in common with the main protagonist from the video game Assassin’s Creed than the musical rat catcher from the Brothers Grimm or Robert Browning. In the sequence where Crane explains the piper’s abilities, this flute playing demon performs mid-air death dealing and moves that look to have been influenced by the Ubisoft game although, thankfully, the deadly assassin’s attire has not been aped here.

In this instance, the piper was a mercenary who made a deal with a demon, Moloch apparently, who was called upon by a member of the new world to kill a lot of the King’s soldiers who were a little too free with the daughters of the house they were bivouacked in. The owner, one Lancaster betrayed the demon, who called down a curse upon his house and all of his ancestors. One which entailed a daughter being lured from the house and left to die in the woods.

The curse continues to modern day Sleepy Hollow where Lt. Abbie Mills and Ichabod go to track down the latest victim, Sara. As the two are following the signs, Abbie finds a bone flute and Ichabod begins to play it putting Mills into a trance. She walks into a boggy area with no idea that she could be going to her death. Crane “wakes” his partner and they discuss what just happened.

As the two continue their trek through the woods, they find sign of a struggle, bloodstains and eventually a “mercenary” who was hired to find the piper’s flute. They strike a bargain with the man; he is to help them find the piper and they will allow him to take the bone flute. This evil pied piper in Sleepy Hollow this week is pretty impressive as far as Moloch inspired demons go and the battles in the “basement” of the old Lancaster house are quite impressive.

Apart from the pied piper, Captain Irving is now having visions where he is fighting in an End of Days scenario where things are pretty violent and sword swinging. It is while looking in a bible that Frank has his second vision and at the end of it, the book catches fire. Later on, the captain learns that he inadvertently signed his soul over to Moloch via Henry Parrish. Parrish tricked the man by drawing blood which dripped onto the document he was signing his name to, thus sealing the deal.

The show continues to walk a fine line where the occupants of this verse also utilize light comic touches and elements of satire and a willingness to make fun of itself. Sleepy Hollow is also not afraid to show drama and heartache. In last night’s episode the mother of the captured girl had given her child up to save her other three children.

At the end of Sleepy Hollow it all comes back to Henry Parrish who turns out to be the one who wanted the bone flute and who hired the mercenary to retrieve it. The evil pied piper has been defeated, but not Moloch at the end of the day. Sleepy Hollow airs on FOX Mondays.

By Michael Smith



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